Instagram page

It is highly unlikely that any business today can turn its eyes away from Instagram. With monthly active users count exceeding 1 billion, it is the third most preferred social networking site for advertising and marketing after Facebook and YouTube.

But at the same time, it becomes a challenge for advertisers to keep posting unique and engaging contents along with tracking data and multiple other activities involved in marketing which are not available as features on the free tools.

In this article, we will share 7 Paid tools that can empower you to perform better data tracking, data analytics and ad management for your Network Marketing Business page on Instagram.

  • HootSuite

Would you like to perform all your Instagram activities for your business page all in one place? HootSuite is such a tool available for you that helps you to post images and videos, schedule the post, perform competitor analysis by keeping track of hashtags, using analytics to measure the performance of posts. It’s one of the best brand monitoring tools which provides insights of who said what about your brand and also allows you to respond directly to those mentions. This tool is a total social analytics solution that monitors a brand’s activity and enhances social reach.

It has different paid plans available with a 30-day free trial option. Higher the selected plan, better features are available for customization, support and Ad spend limit.

  • Social Sprout

This tool has all those features which are available on HootSuite, however, the only difference, which is also the USP of Social Sprout, is integrated CRM features such as audience discovery function which suggests whom to follow and whom not to. Apart from this, the rest of the features, such as posting, scheduling, customizing, commenting, monitoring hashtags and reporting, all are the same.

  • Vaizle

Vaizle is also an analytical tool similar to HootSuite and Social Sprout. But its low pricing model makes it more affordable for starters. Its main functions are brand monitoring, hashtag performances, and competitor analysis. However, it doesn’t have features like posting comments and tracking actions taken on mentions.

  • Combin

If you want to gain organic traffic to your Instagram business page, then we suggest you go for the Combin tool. This is a paid tool which helps to attract new audience, analyse, manage and engage with the audience through Combin Growth features and it also helps in content planning and scheduling through Combin Scheduler feature.

  • Later

Later is a post-planner tool which allows you to schedule and analyse posts. It has a very unique in-built tool known as that resembles your business page feed and displays posts as clickable images. This tool helps to design a landing page for a shopping experience on Instagram.

  • Linktree

Linktree is a tool designed especially for followers to discover all your recent contents on Instagram. It works as a link that can be shared anywhere as a bio, that’s why it is also referred to as Bio-Link. Content stored on this bio link lives longer than the feed.

  • HashtagsForLikes

The name itself suggests that HashtagsForLikes allows you to create hashtags that are catchy, trendy, and traffic puller. It uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to create high performing hashtags, enables growth projections and insights.

These paid tools are available out there online for every Instagramer including Business owners who want to be noticed and want to pull in more followers to their account. Not only in creating content, but these tools also share analytics on the vast data which goes unnoticed and under-utilized by most of the users.