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For years, many organizations, particularly those that connect with coworkers and clients who are located far away, have depended on video conferencing. Additionally, most people in charge of overseeing remote teams or implementing remote work policies have some video conferencing expertise.

Without a doubt, video conferencing is a helpful tool, but it does require some adjustment. Understanding how to hold a video conference and how to adjust the settings to get the best possible experience are two very different things. Why not strive for excellence? Before proceeding, take the necessary time to determine which kind of video conferencing is best for your company. 

Top 7 Tips for Virtual Newbies

1.Dry Run Video Call
The first thing for a conference call is to do a dry run of the video call to test your setup before it begins. Check your internet speed, whether the microphone is working fine, whether it is audible clearly, and which background noise may be disturbing. Check if you will need a headphone or if it is fine without them. 

2.Be Aware of Surroundings
If you will be on camera while on the call, it is better to check your surroundings before the meeting starts. Check on the lights and close the window that could give unnecessary noise from the street outside. Avoid any harsh light and check your background that will be visible on the camera. 

3.Log in Early
It would help if you did not wait for the meeting to start before logging in. Often, a bad connection or software issues can delay joining a meeting. It is better to test everything before the conference starts. Be prepared with your notes on your side and jump into the meeting right away once everyone logs in. 

4.Remember To Have A Charger
Conference calls can easily drain the battery from your laptop. It is not advisable to step away from your screen in search of the charger after getting the battery warnings. Therefore, be sure to have your laptop plugged in and powered up when having a video conference. Get portable chargers in case you are having an outdoor meeting.

5.Keep It Brief
Video conferencing is no different from face-to-face meetings. Hence, it is better to avoid hour-long video calls unless you want the attendees to check their social media or emails secretly. A thirty-minute call is an ideal time for small groups. For a large group, it will be better to change the speaker every few minutes for effective results. 

6.Use Visuals To Engage
Engage the attendees with interesting graphical presentations and visuals during the meeting. OCONNECT has vivid reactions and a handy whiteboard that can be used to engage the participants. According to a survey, 85% of US employees find visuals and graphics more engaging in video conferencing. 

7.Learn To Use Mute Button
It is important to know how to use the mute button at times when you don’t want the participants to hear any unrelated noise from your end. It could be a violent cough or a traffic noise. Mute your button so you don’t accidentally create an awkward moment during your virtual meeting. 

OCONNECT: Your Guide to Virtual Conferencing

ONPASSIVE created the ground-breaking video conferencing platform OCONNECT. With an abundance of features, this platform satisfies all contemporary needs and allows organizations to arrange video conferences with unparalleled convenience and quality. 

Webinars may be a fantastic approach to interact with prospective clients or consumers and provide OCONNECT with important information. A webinar may be an inexpensive, highly effective approach to reach your target audience and accomplish your business objectives if planned and executed well. Its unique features include an efficient prompter, an impressive timer, rich resounds, adequate noise cancellation, expressive reactions, and many more.
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Bottom Line

Remember that practice makes perfect, even if you’re anxious about participating in a video conference. Once you become used to being in front of the camera, you will be able to acquire one primary business skill. 

Recognizing when anything goes wrong, whether technically or situationally, is always acceptable. Unexpected difficulties could occur; all you have to do is deal with them, recognize them quickly, and maintain the audience’s attention on the point you are attempting to make.

Webinars are a great medium to spread your message. They are easy to set up, and you can use them to increase brand recognition or even as an upselling tool. Webinars are a great way to share your expertise with others who live far away if you can’t attend a session or an event. 
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