AI content creation tools

We’re talking about the most influential thing when we talk about content. The non-perishable and immortal strategies for developing your online presence include content marketing and writing. Writing full, thorough content that engages with readers is not a simple task. Either you need to put in a lot of time or employ a professional content writer who knows a lot about SEO (Search Engine Optimization). You’ll have to spend time and money on both of these.

Many AI content creation tools and solutions are on the horizon these days. Because the need for material is increasing, these tools may significantly assist you if you require high-quality content in a short period. But what if you require a large amount of content in a short period? This is where content creation tools come into action.

Companies and enterprises struggle to locate qualified content writers, and they are hard to come by. So, if a company isn’t ready to invest in content writers, there are several options of content creation tools that don’t require a lot of money and get the work done quickly.

So, before we learn more about the best AI content creation tools, let’s understand what content creation is and why businesses should use these tools.

What Is Content Creation?

Developing topic ideas that appeal to your buyer persona, creating written or visual content around those ideas, and making that information available to your audience as a blog, video, infographic, or other format is content development.

What Is The Importance Of Content Creation?

Content generation is the pinnacle of inbound marketing. When you develop content, you give your audience free and helpful information, bring new customers to your website, and maintain old ones through great engagement.

As these content marketing statistics show, you’re also bringing in a lot of money for your company:

· Content marketing generates 3X the number of leads as traditional marketing while costing 62% less.

· Content marketers generate 126 percent more leads than those that don’t.

· A customer reading a blog is responsible for 61% of all internet sales.

· Companies who produce 16 or more blog articles per month receive 3.5X the amount of traffic as those who write four or fewer posts per month.

Use Of Content Creation

1. Create a blog

Blog postings are one sort of content generation. The goal of a blog is to educate, entertain, and inspire your readers through the written word. When someone types a query into Google, the first page of results is nearly always filled with blog posts.

2. Create a podcast

One of my favorite sorts of information to consume is podcasts, which are similar to listening to the radio except that a dedicated podcast host discusses specific themes, has guests, etc. When the audience likes the host and wants to learn something from listening, these are very interesting to hear.

3. Use of video

Whether for AI social media content creation or for a popular app like YouTube, a content creator is a key player. A creator is becoming increasingly popular as time passes. Short and long-form videos have a place in your content production strategy. As a result, coming up with concepts for both is crucial.

4. Illustrations

You might wish to use innovative pictures in your blog entries or social media updates. These can be in the form of infographics, animations, etc. This form of content development typically necessitates a graphic designer or, at the very least, a visual design tool.

5. Content promotions

Content promotions are another sort of content. For your audience, they are downloadable templates, whitepapers, workbooks, or ebooks. This is gated material, which means that to access it, your viewers will need to fill out a form and submit their email addresses.

Now that you understand how content is used in our day-to-day life, let’s check out the best AI content creation tools.

AI Content Creation Tools For Businesses


It’s difficult to put your thoughts into the appropriate words; thus, writing might be tricky. It’s not only about writing well for an internet business owner or marketer; it’s also about communicating effectively with your target audience through explicit and captivating material.

If you’re having trouble with your written word, Wordtune is a fantastic tool. It can help you spin your content, which implies it can assist you in coming up with new ideas for the original text. Wordtune can help you write in a more casual or official tone, depending on the message you’re attempting to express.

This AI tool is simple to use; paste the text into the box or start typing from scratch, and it will take care of the rest. You can then export or download your rewritten content in various forms, including text, MS Word, and HTML.


In the most straightforward words, Articoolo is a bot that has been trained to create unique text-based articles. It has an algorithm that can generate a whole report on any subject if the topic can be explained in two to five words. This AI technology can create hundreds of different articles on the same issue. The articles that arise are supposed to be factual, with no bias or point of view. The technology makes it easy to meet the demand for SEO-related assets promptly. The main disadvantage of this tool is the content quality, as most articles are far from flawless.


Even if you have a natural talent for precisely putting your thoughts into words, you must avoid committing grammar and spelling errors, as these can detract from the quality of your writing. And you’re undoubtedly aware that self-editing is challenging since you don’t view the written article for what it is but rather for what you want it to be.

Grammarly was created in response to the need for better content. This AI-powered proofreading tool can help with some of these challenges by detecting and correcting grammatical, punctuation, and spelling faults in your writing with minimal effort on your part. Grammarly’s premium subscription goes even farther, detecting passive voice and screening for plagiarism in your work to ensure that your final product is unique.


Quill was built expressly to uncover the data’s hidden possibilities. This makes it simple for the other group members to grasp the concept. And if they get the notion, they will be able to share the information more effectively.

The platform for natural language creation works the same way as a human brain does. It generates insights to resurrect every aspect of the business that consumers are interested in learning about.

Another advantage of Quill is that it provides personalized tales. It allows the user to personalize the narratives by including relevant information to the clients. It can handle any size data set, processing speed, or quantity of stories using everyday language.

Article Forge

The software employs intelligent algorithms to rewrite articles the same way a human would. The clever algorithms investigate any topic automatically, read an endless number of publications, and then create the piece in their own words. It also follows the search engine optimization guidelines and performs as expected.

The application also facilitates easy scheduling and posts material to WordPress sites automatically.


Jasper is a fantastic AI content generator with over 52 short and long-form writing templates. Jasper can help you write content that converts, whether a personal bio, an Instagram photo caption, an Amazon product description, or a real estate listing.

When you’re trying to find out how to write content for your website, the Jasper Blog Post Intro paragraph is highly beneficial. Tell Jasper what your article is about, and he’ll give you a launchpad to help you get started. Using the Boss Mode plan, you can provide Jasper with even more extensive instructions.

Aside from the glitzy templates, Jasper understands that working with a new AI buddy might be challenging. As a result, the software includes many in-depth training tools and support documents that will walk you through Jasper’s thoughts and how to get the most out of them.


Writesonic is an AI copywriting tool that promises to write copy that attracts your readers and drives sales and traffic to your website.

It has two content generators to choose from. Copywriters will appreciate one set of templates, including options for generating landing pages, sales emails, product descriptions, and checking for readability and grammar.

The other set of templates is designed to help you write long-form articles and allows you to create blog entries, summarise content, and rewrite them as needed. For consumers who aren’t ready to commit to a monthly or annual membership, Writesonic also provides a free trial and a Pay-As-You-Go credit system.


Though technology has evolved significantly, many major firms are benefiting from it. However, replacing people in this situation is not a good idea because the content generated by these bots is mechanical and without substance. It certainly meets the SEO aspect, but it lacks the human touch. Furthermore, it is devoid of any point of view. It’s all about numbers, data, and figures. There is no in-depth analysis.

So, if technology advances, it is progressing to assist humans. Journalists, writers, and bloggers can use AI technology to create material, but humans can only provide the value-addition to the content.