Top Design Trends to Stay Ahead of the Curve in 2021

While hundreds of factors set forth the ground for a competitive edge, graphic designing can easily be added to the list of those factors. Businesses with incredible graphic designs on their websites and other marketing materials stand out from the rest.

Following are some of the design trends that will help your business stay ahead of the curve in 2021:  

1. Emojis

Who doesn’t use emojis today? They have become a very crucial part of our everyday conversation on various messaging platforms. Many web designers also use these pictograms as they add playful touches to their websites.

Businesses are now considering the usage of emojis, especially to connect with millennials. As emojis induce an emotional reaction, they help form a special connection with your audience.

From the late nineties to 2021, emojis have come a long way with their ever-growing popularity. Today, many designers are seen using more creative ways to use emojis within print and web.

In coming times, new emojis will be added to enable businesses to represent their products and services in unique ways. In addition, these new emojis will offer businesses creative ways to connect with customers through their websites and social media channels.

2. Optical Illusion Design

Optical illusion design, with its striking design elements, hold a person’s attention for longer. Thus, consider using optical illusion design within your brand and communicate effectively with your new and existing customers.

This particular design trend will help you stand apart from the competition if used correctly by exhibiting creativity with design.

With more designers getting creative with this trend, consider working with a designer to develop something impactful for your business.  

3. Organic design

The organic design has been coming in and out of fashion for the last decade or so but is prepped up to make a major comeback in 2021.

As its name suggests, organic designs draw inspiration from the colors or shapes we see around us in nature. Greens, soft browns, faded pinks, and blues are the most commonly used colors alongside the natural textures, undulating lines, and dynamic curves that refer to elements of the nature.

This trend has been relevant within eco-friendly projects, used by businesses while they communicate about brand sustainability. However, as we all are being locked indoors due to prevailing conditions, designers are working with this trend to bring us closer to nature.  

With greater scope and significance, organic designs are going to be used greatly throughout 2021.

4. Muted colors

Bold colors can undoubtedly enrich our visual experience. However, as 2021 progressing, muted colors are seen gaining significance in the world of web and packaging design.

Muted colors are the colors with low saturation. Their ease on the eye gives out a sense of peace to viewers.

These color palettes can be achieved by infusing vibrant colors with colors like white and black. They follow a suit of the minimalist design and create a soothing visual experience.

With the selection of two independent colors, this design trend can create a meaningful and deep brand message. You can consider opting for this trend as its calming colors hold a kind of hypnotic charm. Instead of looking dull, they incite feelings of calm and nostalgia when used the right way on websites and print-like materials.

5. Hand-drawn icons

Contrary to its name, this trend can be created on a computer and is not “hand-drawn” in the real sense. However, the illustrations in this trend can add a more personal, memorable and unique aspect to designs. In addition, the designs can grab viewers’ attention with their playfulness and simplicity.

Many brands are seen using this trend on their social media feeds to engage more viewers. It continues to be used greatly in the time ahead.

Wrap Up

This blog has described some of the best graphic design trends to be used in 2021. With many businesses are making effective use of some of these trends, you can also highlight your brand message with them.

The design trends explained here will continue to change but what would remain constant is creativity. Thus, give your designers wings to explore their creativity and let your brand make a mark to reach new heights of success.