Landing Page Tactics

You are here means you wish to know the landing page tactics to increase your conversion rate. Read on to know about the best elements that could be integrated into the landing page to accelerate the conversion rates.

  1. Landing page template

Specific templates have certain inbuilt features incorporated, and these are intended to showcase and impact the right targeted audience.

Here lies the importance of choosing only the relevant templates satisfying the user requirements. For instance, you are into farming and intend to deliver quality and healthy food to the users. How is it that you would implement the marketing techniques? The answer lies with choosing the effective landing pages that best suit your domain but not relating to some other domain.

  • Capturing headline

What could be the first thing a user would look at. It is, of course, the heading. The heading should drive the user into the details of the subject. Concise and compelling headlines should derive the essence of the details speedily. Not to neglect, it is also a good idea to define a value proposition.

  • Social Media

Social Media serves as an exemplary path for millions of users to connect. However, on the condition that the users must be able to find the content. How is it that it is going to happen? The answer lies with sharing Social Media buttons on landing pages to avail oneself of the information. Consequently, one could see traffic flowing into your Social Media channels from your landing pages and the other way round.

  • Generate compelling video

Videos serve as an effective means for business promotion. Short and compelling videos can attract the user’s attention. Some of the significant factors of the video include the following:

A short and crisp thumbnail tagline, user-engaging taglines depicting a story, and an effective call to action. Furthermore, a short video description with 3 to 4 effective lines can enable users to watch the video.

Suppose your landing page relates to a specific product of your business. Try generating a video that talks about the prominent features of the product. Ultimately, when the user completes watching the video, the chances are likely that users will end up on your landing page.

  • Testimonials:

Testimonials are a great way to pave the path for potential and future customers to make sales from a business. Genuine testimonials can significantly create a true impact. It is advised not to incorporate fake testimonials as such an act would defame the organization in the long run.

  • Compelling Call To Action(CTA)

The Call To Action button needs to grab users’ extra attention as it enables users to know what to do next, and for this, the button needs to be highlighted with bright colors that will in no way move away from the user’s attention.

Usage of action verbs is highly recommended, and such wordings would motivate users to take the next action. For instance, some powerful words can include accelerate, accomplish, engage, enhance and outperform based on the intent.

  • Provide descriptive text

The descriptive text develops a free mindset of an individual to submit the details required. Sometimes users show friction to provide the contact details such as phone number and email address. Overcome such problems by providing a descriptive text about the need to fulfill them effectively.

For instance, if a user skips entering the contact number, providing a simple text such as” We will contact you if we find it necessary’ can make a difference.


It is fine if the user of the landing page is comfortable. How about situations wherein the user is left in doubt and has some queries?

The contact information or an AI chatbot can serve the purpose, and they should be visible for the user to reach out for help. Whether you wish to creative design websites, or an effective channel for user conversations, ONPASSIVE has solution.

O-Create, a redefined website builder for businesses, and O-Chat, an AI chatbot for knowing user’s intent better, are the two enhancive products supporting landing page tactics. Leveraging their usage will help implement them effectively, and enhance the conversion rates.