Marketing Metrics

B2B marketing sales are effective with the digitalized means. Of course, traditional marketing has its mark. Businesses need to focus on analysis along with execution. What could best serve any business to analyze performance? Marketing metrics lie as the answer.

Let us explore some of the top marketing metrics for business growth.

Customer Acquisition Cost

Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) is the cost of winning a customer for purchasing any product or service. It can be calculated by dividing the total marketing costs by the customers won in a specific period. 

CAC is significant to know how efficiently money is spent on marketing. The lower the CAC, the better is the efficiency. 

CAC improvements 

The best way to improve the CAC is to identify the loopholes in the sales cycle. The conversion rates determine the efficient levels of the sales cycle. A proper study about the dissatisfaction met by the user during the different stages of the sales pipeline helps find solutions, so that going further, the mistakes would not be repeated. 

The cost towards B2B marketing sales would come down if one notices how CAC is resulting. Immediate attention needs to be paid whenever there is an increase in this value as it is a negative sign.

Customer Lifetime Value(CLV)

Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) can be calculated by multiplying the yearly revenue generated by a customer and the expected duration in years the customer would have a relationship with the company. From the obtained value, we subtract the purchase cost and the supporting costs. 

l CLV improvements

Improving the CLV is vital, and this is possible by enhancing the customer experience. Understanding customer pain points lie significant, for it can help find suitable solutions. As a result, a business could produce new products and services, and at the same time, the existing features could be more enhanced to give problems less experience to the users. 

Marketing revenue

Marketing revenue is the revenue generated through marketing. Marketing revenue calculations may vary from business to business. A lead could turn into a customer. What could be the means chosen by a user to become a customer of the business? Many choices lie, including marketing efforts such as online ads, backlinks, email marketing, etc.

Marketing revenue improvements 

Ads are built to draw the user’s attention, and for its creation, money and efforts are invested. What could be more motivating other than meeting the purpose? In this case, clicking the ads is the aim or the goal of the business.

If the intended results are not met, it is time to stay back and study the reasons behind not clicking the ads. What could they be? The reasons might vary. Lack of attractiveness, absence of relevant and appealing content in the ad pages could be the two reasons.

Likewise, the study of promotional emails’ performance matters. If the intended click-through rates are not attained, analyze the reasons behind it. Are the emails lacking in a compelling subject line, personalization, and engaging content could be some of the questions to be analyzed. If these are the reasons, incorporate the required changes so that the emails turn clickable and meet the intended results. 

The content in the landing pages might not meet the user’s expectations. In the case of backlinks, it could be the reason. Thus, evaluating the marketing efforts is prominent.


B2B marketing sales will flourish by implementing and analyzing marketing metrics. Understanding the customers serves as the base for improving marketing metrics. How about the best tools that help to understand and interact with the customers better?

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