Product Feed Management Tools for E-Commerce

E-commerce is becoming more popular, and many third parties join the game as part of their advertising or marketing efforts. They bring challenges with them, no matter how useful they are in increasing leads.

You probably have a long list of products and services if you sell your services and products online. To explain your product to an online user, you must present all of the details, which generates a lot of data for your online store. It’s also a job to organize these lists, keep them up to date, and make them compatible with various formats.

As a result, all product and e-commerce managers rely on the ability to centralize their product data in a meaningful, coherent, and detailed manner. However, feed management has become much easier with the advent of new technologies.

What Is Feed Management In E-Commerce?

A product feed is a digital file that contains a list of products or items from your online store that you want to promote online. They contain information about the product’s title, colour, size, EAN/GTIN number, and much more.

The data format in your file may not always match the platform’s format with which you will be collaborating for advertising. These platforms are third parties with their own system for listing products, such as price comparison sites, marketplaces, or affiliate networks. You’ll need multiple versions of your feed, especially if you want to advertise on multiple channels at the same time.

How Can You Effectively Manage Your Product Data Feeds?

Effective product feed management includes ensuring that all of the requirements of each sale and marketing channel are met and that the feed is regularly updated, as well as the quality of the feed and the source of the data.

We need a suitable feed management method to make it easier; otherwise, the ads and listings will fail unless we fix all of the incorrect data. So, all we need is feed optimization.

A feed management tool is the best SaaS solution to manage your e-commerce product feeds. You can optimize your feed by uploading your original data file to create the required version with the best product feed management tools for e-commerce websites.

Best E-Commerce Feed Management Tools For E-Commerce Brands

E-commerce brands can create and manage all product data from a central location and publish it to a product data feed using effective product data feed management software or tools. 

A few of the best product feed management software is listed below:

  • Channable

Channable, one of the best product feed management tools for e-commerce businesses, can save you time by automating processes. The tools will enable you to adjust your products in your online store without manually adjusting them. Channable allows you to update your ads and product listings automatically based on your inventory.

It’s simple to fully synchronize your product information across all of your channels with Channable’s feed management tool. The feed manager will automatically keep your feed up to date when you choose an update time.

The most critical task for feed management to increase visibility is proper categorization. With a user-friendly and simple-to-use interface, the tool also simplifies the process of categorizing your products.

  • DataFeedWatch

Among the best product feed management tools for e-commerce websites, DataFeedWatch is another strong contender. With feeds fully optimized for over 2000 e-commerce channels, you can improve the visibility of your listings using the tool. Creating, updating, and disseminating your product catalogue is simple.

DataFeedWatch allows you to save time by creating universal feed rules that will work with all of your sales channels. Another advantage of using this product feed management tool is automating ads on Google and other networks. You can also improve the quality of the product feed by checking the brand name, colour, size, and other relevant parameters to increase reach and CTR.

  • WakeupData

WakeupData is a robust data feed management platform that ranks among the best e-commerce product feed management tools. The tools help online sellers optimize their product data feeds on Shopify, WooCommerce and other platforms. It gives you a variety of options for optimizing your content.

Integrations for your Google product feed, Amazon feed, Facebook feed, and other sales channels can be set up quickly and easily anywhere in the world. Their user-friendly interface makes optimizing your data sources even easier. The Customer Success Team assists you in increasing your ROI by optimizing your product catalogs and managing your feeds.

  • Akeneo

Akeneo is a global leader in Product Experience Management (PXM) solutions that help merchants and brands deliver a compelling customer experience across all sales channels, including e-commerce, mobile, print, and physical retail locations. 

Akeneo’s open-source enterprise PIM and product data intelligence solutions dramatically improve product data quality and accuracy, simplifying and accelerating product catalogue management.


Product feed management is essential in online sales, mainly selling through multiple channels. Select the best product feed management tools for retail business management and begin streamlining your operations.

The best product feed management tools for e-commerce websites help you increase visibility and improve your online business. However, because visibility isn’t enough, they’re also helpful for optimizing, categorizing, and automating your product information. You can save time and money by optimizing your products with feed management software.