Internet of things

There is a new phenomenon called Internet-of-things or IoT in the digital era that had made tech enthusiasts and businesses sit up and take notice. Internet-of-things or IoT has been the topic of heated discussion of late. The tech industry is glued to the latest trends and inventions that are frequently happening in the internet of things world in 2020.


So what is IoT? It is a system of interlinked computing devices and mechanical machines provided with unique identifiers coupled with an ability to transfer data al over the network.

IoT has become an integral part of our lives with its technology crawling into everyday usage like wearable devices, mobility, connected cars, smart houses, smart retail stores, etc. to name a few. It wouldn’t be wrong to say IoT has become one of the essential technologies of the 21st century. It is a perfect amalgamation between the physical world and the digital world.

Internet of Things has four factors working towards its growth, namely broadened internet connectivity, high mobile adoption, keen interest from private and public sectors, and availability of low-cost sensors.

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Top trends in IoT in 2020

We chart out the emerging trends in IoT and how this technology will affect you in 2020.

  1. IoT in Customer Service: We will see a plethora of changes in customer service of businesses with IoT devices empowering it to provide real-time access to the required data. IoT has the capability of detecting customer issues and informing support staff of these issues. The day is not far off when your fridge, TV or dishwasher will learn to foretell a customer problem.
  2. IoT and Big Data: Big data and IoT are inseparable, despite having evolved independently. Future IoT devices would feature individual chips on it employed for tracking users’ activity. These chips analyze, share, and transfers crucial data.
  3. IoT and Machine learning: The IoT brings more smart devices into our lives, and consequently, Machine to machine communication becomes more advanced. With machine learning, you can better predict the results of various situations.
  4. IoT for Territory Monitoring: IoT has led to smart tools’ implementation in agriculture. These tools can measure soil moisture, control water supplies, or monitor the agricultural output and inform the farmer of the time to harvest. These smart moves can reduce costs, improve forecasting planning, and harvest. There are so many uses of IoT in things that we have not even thought of.
  5. Customer Appliances: IoT’s primary task is to simplify tasks and provide comfort to people. Apart from homes, offices, entertainment, and other things, there are more ways to conceive life and make it more pleasant for the people around you.
  6. Healthcare and IoT: We have already seen the invasion of wearable devices that are helpful to the health sectors. There are many more such health-related IoT products making a beeline shortly. Governments world-over have started encouraging IoT in healthcare, which only means IoT’s future is in the pink of health.

To conclude, The future is lined with opportunities for IoT as it is emerging to be the most significant area of technology. You will also see IoT’s strides happening in fields such as precise data and processing with edge computing, blockchain & Enhanced the security, Manufacturing sector, and workforce management as well not far from 2020.