Chatbot Engagement

According to specific research, bots with low interaction receive just 35-40% of responses, whereas quality bots receive 80-90 per cent of responses.

Ways to Increase Chatbot Engagement

If you observe that most of your chats finish without a sale, or if you want to increase engagement, here seem to be a few tried-and-true techniques to boost your chatbot engagement.

● 24/7 Customer Service

One of the most significant advantages of utilizing chatbots to engage consumers is that they are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Your customer service representatives cannot be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Even if you have teams working multiple schedules to provide 24/7 assistance, wages and overhead will add up quickly. Chatbots are a low-cost, high-impact way to deal with this problem.

Outside of your usual service hours, your clients may have questions or problems. Even if your customer care team is absent, you may give them answers and resolutions using chatbots.

● Provide Prompt Solutions

Many customers who contact customer service don’t have much time to wait for a response or a solution. Long phone hold times and poor email response times may significantly degrade the customer experience.

This is especially damaging because 82% of customers anticipate a prompt response to their sales or marketing inquiries. When it comes to customer service questions, 90 per cent anticipate a quick answer.

There is no waiting time with chatbots to start chatting about your problems and getting a solution. This enables quicker reaction times, which leads to quicker resolutions of customer service concerns. You’ll be able to engage your consumers immediately before they become irritated.

In fact, according to LogMeIn research, 74 per cent of customers believe that chatbot communication with chatbots may help them receive faster responses and more significant support accessible.

● Answer Simple Questions Accurately

Customers may contact customer care to receive a quick response to a basic query, such as information on their return or shipping policies, product features, and so forth. So sending an email or waiting several minutes to talk with a customer service representative over the phone isn’t a good idea. In these instances, chatbots can provide prompt and precise responses with no waiting. 

Typically, businesses create chatbots with pre-programmed replies and guidelines for simple and frequent inquiries. Apart from that, AI and machine learning-powered chatbots are available. These chatbots may evolve and learn over time to improve their answer accuracy. Customers desire specific answers to their queries. Therefore they’re excellent for improving consumer chatbot engagement.

● Providing Personalized Service Experience

Chatbots offer several benefits over human agents, one of which is because they are robots. This means they can analyze massive amounts of data in the blink of an eye. They’ll be able to pull client information and history from your CRM and respond with a tailored answer relevant to their past interactions. This is critical, given that human agents must spend time sifting through your client database to locate the most pertinent information.

● Cross-Promotion of Products/Services

Chatbots can also help you engage your consumers by allowing you to cross-promote seamlessly. They can do it in a natural, non-intrusive manner that is pertinent to the current discourse.

Let’s assume a consumer wants to learn more about a particular product feature. The chatbot might send them to a high-quality blog article or website that explains this function in detail. In some circumstances, the chatbot may decide that cross-promotion of related items or services that complement what a client currently possesses is suitable.


As you’ve seen, chatbots may assist you in engaging with consumers more successfully in a variety of ways. Even when your staff isn’t available, they may assist you in providing rapid remedies and responses. They are also excellent at offering a customized experience and cross-promoting extremely relevant information or goods since they can instantly access your customer, product, and content databases. 

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