Digital vs Traditional Marketing ROI

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In this article, we will be looking into the major differences between digital marketing and traditional marketing!

Having a marketing budget is incredibly essential for any small business and it is equally important to spend it in a way which produces results! As a business, you must understand that making any major decisions especially related to expenses can be a big twister!

When you run a successful business, it is simply not about choosing the most appropriate market or having a superior kind of product. It is also about leveraging the right type of marketing techniques, to reach out to a target audience which can specifically help to convert them into leads or customers.

So what exactly is Traditional Marketing?

  • Traditional marketing is a form of marketing which has been exposed at one point or the other. The conventional mode of marketing can help to reach out to a semi-targeted audience.
  • There are many different methods of traditional marketing which are an offline method of advertising and even promotional methods.
  • The major types of offline marketing tactics come under the following five major categories such as Print, Broadcast, Direct Mail, Telephone and even Outdoor marketing!

How is Digital Marketing different from Traditional Marketing?

  • Digital marketing can refer to market-related work on channels such as the Internet and electronic devices such as a mobile phone.
  • Businesses can also leverage digital marketing in reaching out to the target market and can connect with potential customers and convert them.
  • The major types of digital marketing services which are included in digital marketing are content marketing, social media marketing, PPC, SEM marketing, affiliate marketing, inbound marketing, marketing automation and email marketing.

What are the drawbacks of Traditional Marketing?

There are quite a few drawbacks of using traditional marketing compared to digital marketing and some of them are:

  • Less Interaction
  • Less control over the timing
  • Higher costs
  • Lesser customization options
  • Not able to be updated consistently
  • Lack of disclosing the details of the full price
  • Worse campaign measurement

What are the advantages of utilizing digital marketing?

Digital marketing is incredibly beneficial especially when compared to traditional marketing and there are numerous benefits of choosing digital marketing, which are:

A greater level of customer engagement:

  • This form of marketing allows going beyond the realm of traditional marketing and provides a greater level of interaction and engagement with customers.
  • Your target audience can be readily connected with you through social media comments and even email messages.
  • A brand can easily build better and longer-lasting relationships when interacting with them with the help of surveys, videos and even webinars!

Better use of measuring results:

  • Digital marketing helps you measure results and also allows you to work long term in building a clear-sighted marketing game.
  • You can understand how it is going on and can track different results such as channel growth, conversion rate, acquisition, cost per order, sales and revenue, etc.

A higher range of audience:

  • You can create highly customized campaigns in widening the reach to different cities and countries!
  • Digital marketing can help you to alter the campaign based on how far you go.

More effective & less expensive:

  • Digital marketing is more effective and less expensive than traditional forms of marketing.
  • This form of marketing can help you get a better ROI as it is cheaper than traditional marketing or advertising.


In conclusion, these are the major differences between traditional marketing and digital marketing especially related to return-on-investments. Drop a comment below about your thoughts related to digital marketing below. Thanks for reading!