Artificial Intelligence, today, is a household name and has a presence pretty much everywhere. Though AI’s acceptance in mainstream society is a new phenomenon, it is not a new concept. The field of AI despite coming into existence in the late 1950s certainly took many more decades of significant progress to become a technological reality.

AI’s Business Usage:

One of the first usages of AI was in business. With the introduction of AI, regular mundane work is now simplified, and the technology is disrupting virtually every business process in every sector. It is becoming evident that as AI technologies grow rapidly, they are becoming imperative for businesses that want to maintain a competitive edge.

ONPASSIVE For Business:

ONPASSIVE is one such smart business solution provider that can help you successfully launch your business with every necessary resource and tool required. Right from domain name registration and sales of your products, ONPASSIVE will support your business with a barrage of CRM services.

Small businesses and startups can avail the services of ONPASSIVE Ecosystem which is powered by a multitude of AI-driven tools to cover various business activities, such as website designing, ads, promotions, sales, and customer support. Most of these applications are developed keeping user-friendliness as a USP.

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Artificial Intelligence is at the core of all ONPASSIVE’s tools, integrated to deliver high productivity and reduction in manual interference. These tools streamline different departments to increase efficiency and also help to make critical decisions based on complete data transparency.

Highlights of ONPASSIVE:

  • The smart way of doing things: It doesn’t matter if a company is big, or small. ONPASSIVE provides an end-to-end smart business solution and enables startups, individuals and organizations to become self-sustaining and self-operational. The need for human interference is completely negated in any marketing or business activity with the help of Artificial Intelligence.
  • Easily operated: ONPASSIVE’s plug-n-play tools are easy to install and business owners can expect great results in no time. High productivity and precision are the hallmarks of all ONPASSIVE tools. The best part is that the user need not be tech-savvy to understand the function of these tools.
  • Data-Drive & Result-Oriented: Each task performed by ONPASSIVE’s tools are measurable and reversible. The integrated AI helps these tools understand the pattern, forecast the result, plan actionable results and generate reports, that can be viewed in the customizable dashboard to analyze data.
  • Web Traffic: Using ONPASSIVE’s tools ensures the promotion of business owners’ products and services on multiple channels to attract potential customers. By doing this, you can woo customers to your website, apart from performing SEO on your behalf for enabling traffic flowing from search engines.
  • Online Tools: ONPASSIVE offers a plethora of tools and services such as – Web hosting, VPN services, Email marketing, Targeted and Mass marketing campaigns, IP tracker, Website Builder, Domain name registration, Webinars, Video marketing, etc. One of the first ready-to-use tools ONPASSIVE launched is called TrimURL, a URL shortener.

In conclusion, AI is part of the future and its coming fast. As technology develops, the world will see new startups, numerous business applications, and various consumer uses. Along with IoT, machine learning and artificial intelligence, technology has the potential to rechart the course of the future of many businesses and organizations

Having a smart business solution such as ONPASSIVE could serve as the backbone of many small businesses and startups and ready them for the future. Business owners, who want to be part of ONPASSIVE, could click here to learn more.

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