AI in human resources


HR has scale challenges when hiring by the thousands. A conversational AI technologies chatbot can assist in the hiring process by obtaining information about potential employees straight from the company’s website. This enables an organization to form relationships with candidates before submitting applications. Candidates can immediately communicate with a virtual hiring assistant using an AI-powered bot, allowing them to quickly identify the position they want, schedule an interview, and receive automatic updates without the need for recruiter participation.

Management Of Vacancies

Leave management systems to assist HR in keeping track of employee leaves or PTOs so that payroll may be processed smoothly. Its AI-powered chatbot can improve the employee experience by answering leave-related questions and allowing them to apply for/cancel leaves and view their leave status and balance in real-time.

Compensation And Benefits

In a couple of seconds, walk employees through the often perplexing employee benefits and compensation policies. A chatbot can now swiftly answer more than half of HR questions about insurance providers, health claims, and retirement benefits.

Permits And Visas

Companies can provide a more transparent VISA and permission tracking system with several branches overseas and a centralized HR department. Instead of employees contacting HR regularly for updates on VISA or document-related issues, AI-powered chatbots may provide quick solutions to these questions.

Company Policy Frequently Asked Questions

It may be obsolete to have a dedicated HR support center to assist seasonal employees in accessing necessary HR information. Chatbots can be used as mobile HR assistants, helping employees with internet policy, the workplace, social media, and other topics.

Management Of Performance

According to more than 58 percent of HR leaders, the typical review method is antiquated and ineffective. Chatbots enable fast feedback and performance insights, allowing employees to add/view/delete goals, approve goals, and provide ratings, all while avoiding any needless delays.

Concerns About Compensation

Employees spend hours looking for basic company information (vacation days, health benefits, payroll, payslip inquiries). HR bots may swiftly provide employees with the answers they need, allowing them to focus on more productive duties.

Employee Education

AI in human resource chatbots can assist learners in traversing modules systematically and tiered manner, increasing engagement. Employee training using an AI-powered chatbot is more effective than watching an average training film or listening to a PowerPoint presentation since employees require more interactive participation. Nearly 75% of individuals who utilized a chatbot followed through on their post-training promises, compared to only 55% of those who did not.

Management Of Timesheets

AI-powered chatbot keeps track of when you clock in and out, providing you with stunningly comprehensive timesheets on your phone.

Employee Listing

The HR chatbot keeps track of all employee information in one place. Employees can instantly find another employee, boost cooperation, and get work done faster by having access to the employee directory from anywhere at any time.

Benefits Of Conversational AI In Human Resource

Repetitive, low-productivity HR duties can be automated with a competent omnichannel and domain-educated virtual assistant. An HR chatbot may be a personal assistant to all of your employees, from enquiring about your leave balance to completing an international travel request. It can be programmed to respond to employee questions with human-like precision.

Omnichannel– It’s simple to set up on-premises or in the cloud, and it can be used on any channel where your employees are.

Scalable And Secure – It may be adjusted to include additional use cases based on your company’s needs.

There has been a considerable improvement in employee engagement, a 25% reduction in average response time, and a 30% reduction in contact volume thanks to an AI-powered chatbot in HR.

Imagine the changes virtual assistants could make to your company’s internal operations if they could completely overhaul your customer support procedure. Both the organization and the employees benefit significantly from chatbots.

24/7 Customer Service

Your staff won’t have to worry about working hours or wait until Monday, the next business day, or another day. A chatbot is ready 24 hours a day, including weekends, to answer any of their questions.


It saves time and resources on administrative grunt labor that is time-consuming and low-productive.

Productivity Gains

Saves time and resources on time-consuming, low-productivity administrative tasks, allowing them to focus on more transformational and productive tasks that demand their deep expertise and talents.

Improved Communication

Internal communication is more effective and fluid as information silos are broken down.

Employee Satisfaction Is Higher

Individualized support provides seamless and personalized employee experiences across the employee lifecycle. HR chatbots are typically available as a native app or browser plugin and can be used with Slack, Facebook Workplace, Skype for Business, and other popular platforms.


Sirius, a state–of–the–art AI & NLP technology, was launched by Data Semantics to improve HR operations and give greater employee satisfaction. Sirius can recognize the worth of each ‘value-added service’ in an HR department and automates an HR manager’s routine communication responsibilities. As a result, the HR department’s reaction time has decreased, as has the overall operational cost due to the resources saved and employee satisfaction.

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