Content marketing

Content marketing and SEO are expected to hit some impressive high notes in 2020. We hope to witness a promising future with more valuable, supportive, technically unique content that suits consumer interests, tastes, and search needs. Content is steadily improving, and the way we strategize, study, build, and publish it is becoming smarter and better day by day. Content marketing is no longer a form of marketing technique but a successful tactic that can work well for any company.

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is the process of producing useful and meaningful content to draw an audience and turn them into potential clients. It’s the art of interacting with your prospective buyers without marketing to them directly. Rather than merely selling your products or services, you are providing your prospective customers with information that could teach them something.

Why Content Marketing Important for any Business?

The ultimate goal of creating genuine customer engagement is to draw and grow a particular audience group. Using content marketing, you can aim to influence and develop your consumers’ behavior against your business in a productive way. If you regularly provide your consumers with the relevant information, you will win their confidence and follow-through to get millions on-board.

Recent studies reveal that content marketing has the potential to offer three times more leads than paid advertisements, and 55% of marketers believe that publishing blog content is their primary marketing goal.  

Today, we shall learn about the importance of the developments in digital development and content trends for 2020:

#1 Importance of User-Generated Content

According to a new survey, near about 85% of consumers find UGC more influential than brand content. In reality, an Instagram analysis for tourism marketing showed that UGC posts were the most engaging form of posts on Instagram for tourism marketers. That result also extends to many other industries. User-generated content not only attracts users but also helps you to produce more content with less money and time by incorporating ideas and bits into your audience.

#2 High-level Visuals in Content

Visual-forward channels are set to remain popular in 2020. People go all-in on the influence of immersive or digital images, from entertainment to connectivity. According to Research, Instagram, Twitter, and Snap chat are the most popular sites on which teenagers hang out, and YouTube is the most-used platform for teenagers, even surpassing Facebook.

For that reason, in 2020, graphics in the content will become more critical. We’re certainly going to see more marketers reap the benefits of creative, custom, branded images for their content in 2020.

#3 Proliferating Voice Content Strategy

Voice content strategy is no longer an option: smart speaker usage has risen 38.9% over the last year, and 26.2% of all adults in the U.S. have access to a smart speaker.

Presenting enticing voice-activated content to customers provides an all-new arena for interaction. It’s a chance to avoid the costly and sometimes cluttered website and social media playgrounds that continuously demand ad budgets to meet clients.

#4 Rise of Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is the projection of information into the physical world, which helps people view abstract objects or technology when looking at real things. You get the general idea if you’ve experimented with Snapchat’s lenses to take a selfie or watched a sci-fi movie. AR’s existence in our lives can go up from here and changing content marketing now more than ever. There are also prospects for smart marketers that will help them gain the right insights and target customers uniquely and effectively for successful content marketing.

#5 Development of Customer-Centric Content

Prioritizing the content that focuses on the consumer’s needs over the sales communications was one of the driving factors for active marketers in 2018-2019. Marketers realize that establishing confidence in the audience provides advice, support, knowledge, or content without a catch. More than that, the very best content in the bucket list that meets the customer’s needs is the kind that will rank #1 with Google.

#6 Proliferation of Messaging Applications

Messaging applications will begin to increase by 2020, with several “content” aspects. The applications come with a range of new marketer opportunities (and challenges). The outcome of these content trends is grabbing many users’ eyeballs, including precious customers of the Millennial and Generation Z.

With more than 3 billion users investing a lot of time on messaging apps and expressing feelings, it helps marketers understand how messaging apps can affect the marketing policy and outcomes with the rise of its usage.

The Future of Content is Just Around the Corner

The future of content has come, and it’s never looked so promising! More marketers give preference to service and the information demands of the consumer over advertising communications, now more than ever in content marketing.

When you are based on credibility and building trust and legitimacy, content creation and distribution will eventually help a business in the long run. Besides that, digital media are moving in remarkably fresh and exciting ways. Look out for creative marketers to push the limits of content development and ever-changing content trends.