Sales and Marketing

With the advent of artificial intelligence (AI) pretty much every field, traits such as learning, ability to manipulate and move objects, problem-solving, etc., are gaining traction. It is a different matter whether AI is good or bad for humanity, but then AI most certainly will become a significant part of our future for sure.

AI tools are now employed in the areas of sales and marketing. The behavioral rules of companies selling and promoting themselves using sales and marketing AI are changing drastically. Most of the leading marketing companies use AI, and rest are contemplating to hitch a ride on the AI bandwagon soon. ONPASSIVE’s AI-enabled smart business solutions and tools are the best bet to get the sales and marketing of your business or company on the right track.

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Sales and Marketing AI:

It is a perfect marriage between sales, marketing, and AI. Most of the AI tools used in this discipline are based on tried and tested marketing techniques and strategies like product recommendations and predictive lead scoring.

There is a spurt in the organization’s revenue potential as AI is capable of contacting 100 percent leads. With more customer-centric campaigns like highly personalized messages and targetted ads, customers tend to feel valued.

AI Revolutionizes Sales:

Sales teams world over spend much time doing repetitive tasks, which takes them away from pressing issues such as closing sales and meeting sales goals. AI performs everyday duties for sales professionals and helps them focus more on human-based jobs.

AI does continual tasks such as finding and sorting leads, keeping track of required orders, and communicating with customers and potential customers. With AI in play, sales professionals can concentrate on converting the leads to potential customers.

Provides Valuable Sales Assistance:

The market is flush with various sales and marketing AI tools that simplify human jobs like crunching numbers, identifying patterns, and analyzing vast amounts of data in a short time. It is these qualities that make AI a handy assistant to salespeople. Artificial Intelligent tools supply salespeople with appropriate content, and valuable upsell, cross-sell suggestions targeting specific customers.

AI helps you tap into valuable areas, as it can analyze all sorts of information, including existing business relationships and new opportunities.

Process More Data:

It is common knowledge that a salesperson would have an intuitive ability to foresee which customer would likely buy their products. New Sales and marketing AI-powered tools negate this guesswork out of the equation by identifying potential leads by analyzing buyers’ profiles allowing AI to pinpoint leads and predict solutions too. They also can suggest and foresee the products that potential customers might be interested in.

Salespeople usually bank on their own experiences, intuition, company-prescribed strategies and still fall short of ways to convert a possible lead. But with the massive amount of data available, AI tools can trump an average salesperson to this.

AI Improves Sales Without Additional Sales Personnel:

Every business is looking out for a way to increase bottom lines. There are various means to achieve it, like hiring more salespeople to perform critical sales activities, which again translates into increased costs, taking the revenue down. The best way to improve bottom lines without a new workforce is to rope in Artificial Intelligence.

AI is the solution as it can analyze top-performing salesperson’s work and share the information with the rest of the sales teams to boost performance and productivity.

AI Enhances Opportunities:

Since the AI program or tool can analyze millions of data and see correlations and patterns that humans generally overlook, it can help companies explore all areas of opportunities. Sometimes opportunities created by AI seem small, but they can contribute to better overall performance or streamline work processes in the long run.

AI Paves the way for Hyper-Personalization:

Gone are those when one-size-fits-all generic messages are sent to customers. Highly personalized messages are the order of the day in marketing. Thank AI for that. AI analyses the data it receives based on the in-depth knowledge of the behavior of potential customers through which the needs and desires of the customers can be anticipated. In marketing terms, it is also called as predictive marketing.

Hyper-personalization od messages doest only point towards email or chat messages but also pertains to dynamic websites and landing pages. With predictive marketing, customers will be receptive to your message. It gives marketers an edge over the competition who are still using traditional marketing methods and channels.

There is not an ounce of doubt that sales and marketing AI will transform growth roles. Companies, businesses, and organizations that do not experiment with AI in their sales and marketing strategies would very well mean that they are turning their backs on opportunities and potentially their businesses.  

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