brand awareness

Ever felt that you are failing to build your brand? Not gaining enough exposure to your brand online? At some point, you’d feel like you’ve tried everything yet failing to get that edge online. If you feel the same way, you’re in the right place. Brand awareness is that popularity you get where many people start humming your business theme song or reciting your company’s slogan. 

To achieve this, you must step in where the huge mass of your audience spends their time. Social media is one such platform where you can find various groups of audience from which you can choose which one of them to focus on. If you’re just starting out with your business venture, Twitter is an avenue you’ll want to include as part of your marketing strategy.

Twitter now has 330 million active users. Doesn’t that sound like a golden opportunity for you to fish some customers? Surely it does, and anyone who misses out on one social media in their marketing strategy would lose a lot of customers.

Below are some of the best strategies for you to follow to increase your brand awareness on Twitter:

Find Your Voice

First and foremost thing is to establish a well-defined brand voice to set the tone of your whole Twitter marketing strategy. This tone should be consistent as long as you and the brand are present. Create a content style that reflects your brand so that when people read your content, your business should strike in the minds of the reader. Your brand voice should be fresh, original, clearly convey your brand’s message and reflect your core values. 

Create Goals

Just like you plan on uploading your vacation pictures one after the other with catchy captions and series of hash tags, you can plan your business posts too. You don’t need an expert to do this. Social media is one such platform where businesses can spend very fewer resources for their successful marketing strategy. All you need to do is to create a calendar, schedule the ideas if you are not sure of the exact content you’re going to post.

Use the Right Keywords and Hashtags

Keywords and Hash tags are just like fishing bait. They help you to reach the right users. Research on the keywords, with the help of many keyword tools available online to come up with the right ones for your business. Experiment with those keywords to see how well they perform. Hashtags are auto-suggested by Twitter, find the best hashtags that bring more traffic to your post and work on them for better brand awareness.

Be Adaptable and Aware of Viral Topics

We know that we suggested making a calendar on go according to that, planning ahead is good, but sometimes the best Tweets are created randomly. Stay keen on viral, trending topics, timely world events. This will help you to leverage on the existing traffic on the topic and drive some of them your way. Create content/post relating to the trending topics; make it entertaining, funny and catchy also think of something to link your business in that too.

Experiment with these strategies the next time you are on Twitter. With proper planning and continued tweaking, you can craft a better Twitter strategy to increase your brand awareness online