Explainer Videos

In this hyper-competitive world, businesses work aggressively on their marketing strategies to get their communication message through the target customers. But that is not enough for a brand to influence its prospects buying decisions as it is not the sole provider of the products/services they want.

With the widespread use of social media, videos are ruling the internet and presenting content that resonates with the target audiences. As per reports around 82% of internet traffic will be driven by video by 2022. Leveraging explainer videos for marketing is not a new idea. However, with the whole world becoming digitized, explainer videos have become the key to outreaching and attaining the marketing goals of businesses.

What is an Explainer Video?

Explainer videos are short marketing videos used to explain a company’s products and services. Such videos are often placed on a website’s home page, landing page, a product/service page or social media channels. Explainer videos have become extremely popular these days. Some organizations witnessed over 144% hike in conversion rate after adding explainer videos on their websites.

Here’s an overview of some of the various types of explainer videos to help you identify the best video formats for your products or services.

Motion Graphics Animation

Motion graphics are one of the indispensable tools for promotion these days. Combining animation and graphics designs businesses leverage it to effectively tell their stories to their customers and prospects. Motion graphics animation simplifies complex marketing messages, includes value in them, and encourages the target audiences to take action. Moreover, it is known for receiving a higher engagement rate than any other form of content especially on social media because it can be consumed within seconds and grasped in the memory for a long.

Character Animation

Character animation is another type of explainer video that has gained huge popularity these days. Such marketing videos play a significant role in creating an outstanding identity of the business that stays in consumers’ minds for a long. With the popularity of the character, you can reach out to the target audience in a more effective manner. Moreover, it exhibits your brand’s personality and helps you connect with the audience on a personal level.

Kinetic Typography

With digital marketing dominating the trend, digital assets in the form of animated typography help create the right buzz. Marketers accept it as an impactful method of storytelling that spreads the desired message in the most informative and effective way among the target audience. Additionally, it heightens the degree of aesthetics for your brand by making it easy for the audience to connect with you.

Whiteboard Animation Videos

Whiteboard animation videos are more focused on producing highly informative content. In this type of explainer videos, the marketers incorporate facts, figures, industry trends and other complex data simplified into valuable content to make it useful for the viewers. The whole idea behind the whiteboard videos is to use sequential images on the whiteboard and to explain them through a drawing hand. The production costs of such videos are extremely low making it a great marketing tool for small and medium size businesses.

Live-Action Explainer

A live-action explainer video is very easy to create and doesn’t require advanced animation skills. In this type of explainer video, you need to record real people performing some tasks and describing the process. The integration of real people activities and visual effects makes such videos exciting and easier for the audiences to understand.

Screencast Videos

Videos containing the recording of a computer screen paired with a background audio narration is known as screencast videos or instructional videos. Such explainer videos have proved to have a higher recall value for the audience. Making idea-sharing easy, these videos are popularly used in offering tutorials, video lessons, training videos, and recorded presentations.

Video marketing is proved to be a highly effective form of marketing due to its characteristics of breaking down complex ideas into simple messages for viewers. Make explainer videos a part of your digital marketing strategy and reach prospects like never before.