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Links are significantly important for people using the internet. As the name suggests, links are basically connecting everyone from one webpage to another. Without links, it will not be possible to navigate online. They are also essential to search engine optimization (SEO). Most of the blogs have links in them. It is interesting to know that redirecting the attention of viewers away from blog posts to other websites can also be beneficial. Are you getting confused? Well, don’t be, because website owners add links as they are important for search engine optimization (SEO). 

Links are also known as hyperlinks; they are clickable phrases, words, or images on the internet that take us from one page to another. Links matter for SEO, which is why they are added to blog posts, articles, social media posts, and other internet content.

It is also fascinating to know that a few tools can even trim long links you want to add to your post. One such tool is OTRIM, a new URL shortener by ONPASSIVE. It is a free product you can use by registering to the ONPASSIVE Ecosystem.  In this blog, lets gain an understanding of various types of links and some of the unique features of brand new OTRIM

What are the types of links?

There are three most common types of links: internal, external, and backlinks. All these links serve different purposes, but all of them are equally important for the SEO of your website. Let us have a look at their individual functions.

Internal link

With the help of internal links, you can interlink your content and guide the users in a natural way by prompting them to stay on your website for a long time. In other words, internal links help the user navigate to another web page of the same domain. This increases your website authority, which contributes to a ranking by redirecting the users around your website. 

Interlinking your content is also helpful because they contribute to your website’s crawlability. In indexing, Google’s bots crawl through your website occasionally. The bots keep a check on your website and add any new pages and posts that you publish into Google’s index. It is important that your web pages are indexed because they can be found and returned in search results. 

External link

Although running a website is to generate traffic instead of giving it out, it is still a good SEO practice to include external links. As opposed to the internal link, the purpose of an external link is to guide the users to go to an external page. There are many bloggers who are not in favor of using external links because it drives traffic away from your website. 

It is always an excellent idea to link an article or blog to guides or recent studies by other people in your niche. But you must always be mindful of the number of links you are giving away and the relevance of those web pages to your audience. It is also important to note that having too many external links can also be a reason for slowing down the growth of your website. 


Backlinks have the most significant impact on a website’s SEO, also known as inbound links. These are the links that are created by another website to your website. Websites receiving the most backlinks become more relevant, meaningful, and useful for the users. They also contribute to your ranking on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). 

Links are one of the reasons for your website ranking; hence, the more links pointing to your page, the more traffic flow they will give you. The best kinds of backlinks are editorial links from other people’s blog posts. However, social media posts and blog comments are also considered a backlink but of low quality.

OTRIM URL Shortener

Links are very important to find any content, and if your website will not have links or no one links to your website, it will be difficult for the users to know that your website even exists. There are times when you want to recommend a webpage to another person, but the URL is long. In such cases, many URL shorteners can help you edit a webpage link, making it easier for you to share them. One of those URL shorteners is OTRIM. 

ONPASSIVE has launched OTRIM, a URL-shortening tool that can shorten thousands of links within minutes for you. It also helps in optimizing promotions through sharing links on social networks, while it has been integrated with ONET, a social networking site that is another ONPASSIVE product.

Unique features of OTRIM

OTRIM is not only a URL shortener but much more than that. It can also be used to create brand-centric links in order to share web pages on various platforms. You can choose any name for your link as per your business relevance and start sharing the link with your target audience. The customized link name will help your audience recognize your brand, making it clickable by your users. 

One of the unique features of OTRIM is the comprehensive dashboard that makes it easier for users to view link traffic in real time. You can analyze your web traffic and make appropriate changes if necessary with the help of this feature. 

Take Away

Links are very useful for our websites, and sharing links with others is a way to increase traffic to our website. It is also helpful if we use OTRIM and create brand-centric links that can be used for our business growth.

Join ONPASSIVE Ecosystem and register to get the benefits of the free URL shortener OTRIM. 

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