Impaortance of Social Media for Business

With social media gaining popularity in every sector, it is impossible not to choose it for business purposes. However, it is essential to choose the right platform when you want your business to get a better social media presence. There are several social media platforms with their distinct benefits and flaws. Hence, it is immensely vital to choose the one that can be the most profitable for your brand.

People are using social media to share videos and pictures while connecting with friends and family. Similarly, brands also utilize social media to increase engagement for their platform, connect with customers, grow their reach, and conduct market research. Now that social media is evolving; businesses need help deciding where to focus their attention. You must know which social media platform will work effectively for which purpose.

What are the Different Types of Social Media?

Social networking

Many small businesses started their social strategy through social networking websites. It is a valuable platform where you can create a page for your company while posting details about your products and services. You can post regular updates where people can “like” your posts and share the news with others.

Photo sharing 

Apart from social networking sites, other websites are specifically made for sharing photos. You can share lively pictures representing the positive environment of your company. You can tag your followers in that photo, who can further share it with others. It is an excellent way to promote events at your company or special offers on your products.

Video sharing

Posting videos on social media is becoming popular, and according to a study, 88% of marketers agree that video gives them a strong ROI. Finely edited videos can attract engagement and bring you more customers. You must add a video platform to your social strategy to keep up with the trends and look relevant when it comes to your competitors.

Audio sharing

Social audio platforms thrived during the pandemic when people were at home and joined live conversations. Even after that, audio-sharing platforms did not lose their touch, and there are several things that a business can do with them. They can host industry panels, make big announcements, and broadcast news related to the company for promotion.

Interactive media

There are many apps that not only share photos and videos but also have interactive activities to engage the users. There are AR/VR filters, interactive games, and musical overlays. Businesses can make use of them by creating small tutorial videos and sharing them through these apps. 

Disappearing content

There are a few ephemeral formats in various social media apps where you would want to grab your user’s attention for your benefit. Making reels and stories on these apps and creating polls and surveys help businesses. It is the best platform to launch teasers or product launch countdowns, time-sensitive announcements, and behind-the-scenes content.


Community-building platforms and blogging are helpful for businesses that want to encourage discussions around their niche industries. Including blogging in the content market strategy is a smart move for the company. There can be write-ups and textual discussions on various topics with space for feedback from the readers. 

ONET Helping Business Growth

It is essential to strategize around a social platform and make use of all its features to their full potential for your brand. There is a new social media tool, ONET, which is user-friendly and offers many features for personal and professional use. Leveraging ONET as one of the business tools for your company will not only enhance brand recognition but also boost revenue and traffic.

You can easily share photos, videos, and short stories and tag your followers for more traction on ONET. One of its unique features includes creating blogs within the platform. You will only have to sign up for this platform if you want to write a blog regarding your business. You can create and share blogs about your company and its related topics through ONET. 

Final Thought

Choosing the best social media platform that suits your business is crucial. Your chosen platform can play a significant role in making your media marketing strategy a success. However, it is essential to be aware of the pros and cons of all social media platforms before choosing them. It would be better if you use a platform that will benefit your company and highlight its strength. 

ONET is a free tool offered by ONPASSIVE that can give your business the required growth boost. You can focus on your company’s USP and showcase them through this social media platform without paying any fee. 

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