With all markets going online across the world since the past year, there is a considerable shift in consumer behaviour patterns, raising the popularity of E-commerce and E-Learning businesses. Online education is rapidly gaining momentum with all schools and colleges operating remotely since the rise of covid-19.

However, the innovations in the E-Learning industry are exploded with popularity in recent years as online workshops, remote tutors, and other online learning resources have become more rewarding and accessible. 

According to a study, it was found out that the E-learning business is one of the fastest-growing industries, and only a few resources are required to start an online learning business in many cases to leverage growth. 

There are many E-Learning platforms in the market today that are laying a foundation for a fantastic future for those who wish to learn.  O-Cademy is one such platform by ONPASSIVE, which offers courses on all subject matters across the globe with a blend of technology and helps enhance your skills.

Essential steps to start an E-Learning Business

E-Learning uses the latest technology to select, deliver, design and administer learning. E-learning has emerged as a famous player in the educational industry since most people have access to mobiles and other digital devices in the past decade. Since it is one of the rapidly growing industries, most of them are looking to start their own E-Learning business.

The essential steps required to start an E-Learning Business are as follows:

  • Build a Website

One of the critical steps in starting your own E-Learning business is to build your company’s website. However, building a website requires expertise, efforts and money. There are various learning management systems (LMS), including free options such as WordPress, that can be used for this purpose. 

Your E-Learning website will be the main venue for students to access the courses you provide through a cloud-based system. Websites can also be personalized with paid services.

  • Create courses you wish to offer

Choose the industry of the courses you wish to offer through your E-Learning website. Once you determine the industry to focus on, the next step is to set up your course catalogue. This is a crucial step because these courses will be served as your products.

Once you decide on the courses, consider how to present them effectively and think if you want to integrate media and other resources. The next step is to include a description of the courses being offered and information about the accreditation, degree and certificate so that students can understand what they can gain from the course. 

  • Determine Target Audience

Before starting your E-Learning business, check if the course you wish to offer has a demand in the market. As an entrepreneur, you need to determine who your target audience are and understand their preferences. 

For this, entrepreneurs can research content guidelines and have an in-depth knowledge analysis of the target group. These insights will help you understand what people wish to achieve from your E-learning courses. 

  • Setting up costs 

The Ultimate goal of starting your business is to make money from it. Therefore, once you decide on your courses, you also need to assign a value for each course that you offer. The prices may depend on various factors, including the experience of the instructor and the competition rate. Therefore, plan accordingly and set up costs carefully as this is a complex step. 

  • Create a Sales Funnel 

Making a sales funnel is one of the essential steps to be followed before starting any business. It is an effective marketing strategy and refers to how potential customers can understand your offers and purchase them without a salesperson. 

Automating this process helps increase your revenue, and social media platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn work well for paid marketing, while search engine optimization is integral for this process. 

By following these steps, you can effectively start your E-Learning business with just a few resources.


Starting an E-Learning Business is a great idea, especially in the present scenario where online learning is on rise. This a great way to make two-way communication between students and teachers convenient while letting them stay connected efficiently. Therefore, entrepreneurs need to deliver outstanding and effective content once they set up their E-Learning business. Do a lot of research before choosing the courses and provide users with personalized options to enhance user experience and be successful.