With the right hashtag, you can double your social media reach and engagement. Isn’t it exciting? Yes, when you create the right hashtag, you give your users a new way to connect with your brand. While hashtags have not taken off on Facebook, it’s massively used on Twitter and Instagram.

Creating the right hashtag for your brand has several benefits. Hashtags are excellent resources to spread the word about your business and enhance your branding and works like Call-to-Actions. Today, businesses commonly use hashtags for promotions, events, contests, career opportunities, product launches, targeting, and cross-channel discussions. 

What is a Branded Hashtag?

A branded hashtag is defined as a unique hashtag for your business. A branded hashtag can be your company’s name, tagline, motto, or anything related to the main products or services. On the other hand, you can select hashtags that have nothing to do with your brand but has everything to do with your brand identity. 

Instagram is habitually used today by B2B and B2C companies. One of the exciting ways to get your posts viewed on Instagram is by using the right hashtag. Posts with the right hashtag get 40% more engagement than posts without a branded hashtag.

How to Create the Right Hashtag

#1 Define End-Goals and Objectives

Defining the end-goal is always imperative to achieve better marketing ROI. Before coming up with wise words or phrases, do thorough research. Although hashtags aren’t copyrighted, it isn’t easy to get a unique one for your business. Initially, you must gather enough terms and phrases related to your industry and market. Through research, you need to ensure that no other brand uses the same hashtag.

The main goals you must focus on are:

  • Increasing conversions
  • Improving reach
  • Increasing clicks
  • Increasing social media visibility

#2 Fix the Social Media Network

Different social media networks have a different approach to hashtags. 

Twitter – Initially, the usage of hashtags started on Twitter. Tweets, along with hashtags, attract more customers and achieve massive shares. Besides, the search feature available on Twitter made it easy for people to discover content using hashtags.

Instagram – While Instagram is comparatively a new social media platform, hashtags have gained extensive popularity on Instagram. It is because Instagram is one of the channels running vast numbers of contests, promotions, and paid advertisements.

Facebook – The right hashtag is even effective on Facebook as it offers the feature of categorizing by date and popularity. However, compared to Instagram, usage of the hashtags on Facebook are very low. 

#3 Keep Hashtags Short and Simple

Simple is always best in a hashtag. Ideally, it is best to keep your hashtag between three to four words. To attract people with the right hashtag, it must always be clear and easy to read. Also, capitalize the first letter of every word in your hashtag as they look better and engaging. Great hashtags are always memorable, short, consistent, exclusive, unique, and focused.

#4 Make Hashtags Actionable

Similar to actionable click-to-actions, there are actionable hashtags. To enhance brand awareness using hashtags, select the right hashtag that entices urgency, asks questions, plays on emotion, and demands engagement. After creating the right hashtag, circulate it along with all your social media posts and emails. Besides, consider adding your branded hashtag on your company bio.

Benefits of Creating the Right Hashtag

Make Content More Discoverable – Creating the right hashtag is another cost-effective marketing tactics for your brand. By optimizing the hashtag or using keywords related to your industry or market, you can make your content more discoverable.

Increase Website Traffic – The main objective of sharing posts on social media is increasing traffic to the website. Usage of the right hashtag makes it easier for people to discover your content. It’s inevitable that when your content is highly discoverable, it’s likely to increase website traffic.

Measure the Content Performance – Various social media analytics tool allows brands to track hashtags within their most important networks. The analytics provides insights into what’s working and what’s not. It can eventually help organizations to choose other relevant hashtags.

Enhanced Cross Networking – The best feature of the hashtag is that it is used across different channels. Therefore, it helps in cross-channel promotion for businesses of all sizes.

Key Takeaways

As you have learned everything about creating the right hashtag for your brand, it’s time to build huge traction with your hashtags. While you can have as many hashtags as you wish, it’s advantageous to have a branded hashtag that is unique. By following the steps mentioned in this article, you can see positive results and increase your website traffic quickly.