Increased conversions and traffic will contribute to business success. But, is generating better conversions a more manageable task? Yes, it is with artificial intelligence. Now, businesses do not have to manually do marketing tasks to increase conversions manually, as artificial intelligence will do everything for them. If you’re looking to generate better leads and acquire new customers, there’s a good chance that artificial intelligence can help.  

AI for lead generation helps businesses in extracting valuable insights about the market, customers, and competitors. These insights can help marketers in devising concrete marketing strategies and identifying prospects. AI conversions are always highly valued and contribute to the success of any business.  

Our artificial intelligence research scientists have explored 4 ways to use AI for lead generation. These 4 ways to use AI for lead generation are explained in detail in this article. Forward-thinking marketers can make efficient use of these 4 ways to use AI for lead generation for generating and converting leads.   

   Proven Ways to Use AI for Lead Generation   

#1: Understanding and Predicting Customer Behavior 

AI for lead generation helps marketers to predict customer behavior accurately. Identifying changing customer behavior is pertinent to comprehend the needs and expectations of customers and enhance AI conversion. Out of the 4 ways to use AI for lead generation, this is a primary one.  

Over the past few years, artificial intelligence had the most substantial impact on the manufacturing sector, but it is no longer the same. Retail, e-commerce, healthcare, and many other industries are benefiting from AI.   

Today, businesses that do not use AI for lead generation can lag behind others in the marketplace. It is because the success of marketing campaigns will heavily rely on AI conversion. Here’s how marketers are leveraging AI for lead generation and predicting customer behavior:   

  • Predicting trends in customer buying behavior   
  • Devising effective marketing campaigns   
  • Content curation and management   
  • Reshaping customer experience with enhanced communication   
  • Assisting in customer sentiment analysis   
  • Customer churn prediction  

#2: Generating More Leads  

AI conversions are on the minds of marketers more than ever. Have you ever examined why? AI for lead generation helps marketers in converting prospects into long-term customers. AI technology enables businesses to gather data from multiple channels, delivering measurable insights, and actionable business outcomes.  

AI tools and applications can be embedded in several areas of your business, from customer service to marketing and sales. Besides, AI-powered chatbots can help businesses to enhance the customer experience. All the applications of artificial intelligence positively contribute to business success. Here are 4 ways to use AI for lead generation:  

  • Personalizing customer experiences  
  • Automating lead scoring and refining sales funnel  
  • Predicting cross-selling and up-selling  
  • Augmenting customer service with chatbots  

#3: Turning More Leads into Sales  

Artificial intelligence has transformed the marketing landscape, and sales are no exception. AI is having a significant impact on the way customers buy and how salesperson sells. Before the advent of AI, sales professionals had to keep track of likely customers that convert manually. Now, AI-powered tools can connect with prospects and follow up without difficulty. Besides, AI has streamlined various sales tasks, such as taking product orders, processing sales, and much more. It has freed up the significant time of sales professionals and reduced mundane tasks.  

AI has reduced sales call time by over 60%. Many organizations are still wondering whether they must invest in AI owing to its high cost of implementation. But the fact is that by implementing AI, businesses can save a lot on marketing budget and sales-level activities. Additionally, AI conversion has a high value in business.  

There’s no doubt that AI will enable sales professionals to focus on high priority tasks by automating mundane tasks such as following leads and taking product orders.  

#4: Building a Better Pipeline 

AI can certainly help marketers in driving conversions. What about the quality of leads? AI also helps companies in improving the quality of that pipeline too. According to our unique business needs, we can set definite pipelines. For instance, Amazon uses AI to enrich contacts, identify top prospects, and predict win rates. In the same way, you can build a better pipeline and enjoy quality leads. 


Today, AI for lead generation is used by mostly all businesses. Apart from these 4 ways to useAI for lead generation, there are various other ways. You can choose the profitable way for your business to turn leads into sales. Undoubtedly, AI conversions are of great value for businesses. Therefore, better not to ignore them and make AI a part of your marketing approach and enjoy quality leads. Additionally, allow your marketing and sales professionals to focus on priority tasks rather than routine tasks.