Why Should Businesses Use URL Shorteners

URL shorteners are simple yet powerful tools that are widely used by businesses across the globe. These tools convert long and messy URLs to shorter ones and still direct the users to the required page. Just imagine if, on any social media platform, you have a brand communication and attach a long, complex link; it will completely spoil the appearance of the communication. It may even get fewer clicks, shares, and engagement.

URL shorteners turn longer links into memorable shorter ones. There are simple tools that create shorter URLs that will benefit your business in driving positive results. For internal communications in your business, these tools improve internal knowledge sharing among the team and help track organizational URLs. 

How is URL Shortener beneficial?

The following are a few top benefits of a URL shortener:

  • Knowledge sharing 

The employees within an organization can access historical data to learn and make informed decisions when knowledge sharing is working properly. It also helps in getting work done quickly. However, only 20% of the companies believe internal knowledge sharing is effective. 

  •  Brandable link creation

Every business strategy has a brand awareness campaign. The creation of a custom URL helps employees recognize your brand name immediately. Short links are easier to use on physical signage, videos, and emails. 

  •  Influence click-through

According to a study, short URLs have a 250% higher click-through rate on search. The reason is simple — longer URLs distract the readers from the content. You must also add a keyword in the shortened link to improve the relevance of the topic you are sharing. 

  •  Share on internal platforms

Short URLs are user-friendly and are easily shared by users. Long URLs sometimes look like spam, and many users might need help clicking on them. Team members may also not click on any link that they would find suspicious. URL shorteners turn such links into concise and legible ones. 

  •  Utilize character count

URL shorteners help you communicate your idea in a brief message and a short link. A lengthy URL with a few hashtags will make you quickly run out of space. Many social media platforms have character count that needs to be followed strictly. 

How Does URL Shortener Help Business Communication?

URL shorteners help organizations improve communication, collaboration, and productivity for the departments with various internal use cases across the teams. Shorter links are easy to recall and boost employee engagement with the company’s knowledge base. 

Teams within an organization can use custom domains and access controls to share information with specific members on a need-to-know basis without making it accessible to everyone in the company. These precautions provide employees valuable insights about what others know through sharing resources without compromising security or personal privacy.

What is OTRIM?

Businesses can shorten or even change their URL-giving new life to a website that may be struggling online. Meet OTRIM, an easy-to-use web app for creating shorter URLs. Even if you’re not looking for a whole overhaul of your website (or need something different), there are many customizable features that come with using OTRIM – including custom link creation tools! With these customizable links, businesses can create short links with precisely targeted traffic potential, which could significantly help drive revenue.

ONPASSIVE Technologies Pvt Ltd has created a new URL-shortening software called OTRIM to help businesses gain more followers and revenue. Customizing a business’ URL is easy with this program. Check out ONPASSIVE for more information about how to use it! 

Final Thought

URL shorteners are not just used to trim a long link. They also help a business stay organized while improving the employees’ productivity and enhancing the brand image. The URL shorteners used for internal business communication are more secure and prevent hackers from intercepting links. They also ensure that only teammates access the resources through a secure platform. 

OTRIM is an online URL shortener tool for brands. The best thing about OTRIM is that it can help your business grow by customizing your brand’s URL. It allows you to shorten and even change the domain name, so it fits your requirements perfectly. 

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