Save Time On Meetings

A calendar is a digital meeting scheduling and calendar app that utilizes AI to save time on meetings.

With natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning, Calendar interprets your attendees, habits, and meeting content, then produces recommendations for optimal meeting times to which meetings matter most. 

The effect is that business people and marketers collaborate better and save time thanks to machine-assisted meetings. A calendar is an intelligent time management tool. By saving time on meetings for scheduling, it assists you to make better decisions and utilize your time on the tasks that matter the most.

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So how does your company use artificial intelligence in its products?

The Calendar utilizes artificial intelligence to provide a customized scheduling experience. By blending machine learning with natural language processing (NLP), Calendar “reads” your relationships and meeting practices. That enables it to classify meetings, recommend documents, provide transcriptions, optimize meeting times, and more. As it absorbs your key relationships and favorite meeting spots, its recommendations improve with time.

What are the principal marketing usage cases for your AI-driven solutions?

1. Resource management and reporting

Businesses misuse an estimated $37 billion on meetings each year. A calendar can reduce the number of times marketers spend not only on scheduling meetings but also on the time they spend meeting with unimportant stakeholders.

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2. Communication

Particularly in this current age of remote work, miscommunications occur. Calendar’s natural language processing system ejects out a transcript after each meeting is concluded, making sure there’s no question about what was said. And if a related document could explain an idea, Calendar can foretell that and dig it up.

3. Collaboration

With a few smart features, Calendar makes it simpler for marketers to collaborate. Time zone identification automatically sets meeting times when it detects participants calling in from various zones. Multi-person scheduling aids get larger teams together, while location recommendations can classify that quiet coffee shop near to everyone.

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And what makes your AI-powered solution smarter than traditional approaches and products?

Most online calendars can schedule meetings and offer basic analytics. Calendar shines in its capability to master your schedule and produce personalized recommendations—suggestions for where and when meetings should take place to reduce back-and-forth emails and check double-bookings. Calendar’s built-in transcription tool indicates nobody has to jot down notes while trying to concentrate on the team’s discussion. 

What do you view as the future potential of AI in marketing?

As AI progresses, so will the capacity to utilize it to enhance marketing strategies and provide invaluable customer insights for businesses. It will drive us away from automation to personalization and ultimately, prediction. AI will never eradicate humans from all decision-making, but it will present the knowledge we require to make better decisions.

Take a crawl-walk-run strategy. First investigate tools in personal, low-stakes circumstances. Try scheduling some internal meetings in your Calendar, for instance, or see how suggestions develop as the platform determines your preferences.

Then, practice it to department-specific difficulties. If communication is a concern across your marketing department and you don’t see any stand-ups in their analytics, ask how frequently they’re really getting together as a team.

Once you’re positive in the tool, take it for a “test run.” Time is expensive, and maybe you want your executives to spend 50% or more of their time communicating with people at the directorial level or above. Once you trust it, Calendar can present fair, hands-off reporting to save time on meetings.

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