It is not sufficient to learn theory alone. That is why everyone encourages students to participate in and complete artificial intelligence projects. From keeping up with artificial intelligence developments to getting their hands dirty on projects, they’ve got it all covered. So, if you’re a novice, the greatest thing you can do is come up with some real-time project ideas in artificial intelligence.

We at ONPASSIVE believe in a hands-on approach since the knowledge gained alone will not benefit you in the actual world. In this post, we’ll look at some fun AI project ideas that beginners may use to put their Python skills to the test. In this post, we’ll look at some of the best Artificial Intelligence project ideas for novices who want to get their hands dirty with AI.

These projects will assist you in honing your expert abilities while also putting your existing knowledge to the test. Artificial intelligence has a wide range of uses. You will get more understanding by experimenting with various Artificial Intelligence project ideas. There are several advantages to working on project ideas in artificial intelligence. This is a broad and varied subject. Furthermore, it necessitates a significant degree of technical expertise.

This list should also get you started if you’re looking for Artificial Intelligence project ideas for your final year. So, without further ado, let’s get started on some project ideas in artificial intelligence that can help you build a stronger foundation and climb the ladder. 

Top Project Ideas In Artificial Intelligence For Beginners

It might be difficult for students to come up with artificial intelligence project ideas. As a result, we’ve compiled a list of similar items:

● Facial Recognition

In this field, there is currently a lot of study going on. Some applications are nearly 100 per cent accurate in recognizing a face. If you’re new to AI, you may try your hand at this project on a computer or as a mobile app. Relevant numerical functions and algorithms are used in the face recognition process. It may be used as a password to unlock a laptop or a mobile phone. This is accomplished with the help of sophisticated 3D recognition and picture processing. Face recognition, rather than a text-based password, is utilized as a password in many apps in today’s world. This is a project that will entice novices to participate.

● Self-Driving Automobile 

Tesla and Google, for example, have long been involved in this sector. Despite the fact that significant progress has been made in this field. In heavy traffic and on difficult roads, AI is employed to assist the car. This project might be considered when powerful AI simulation software and advanced algorithms are required to detect cars from all sides, control road conditions, speed, brake system, and avoid collisions using complicated mathematics and image recognition systems. Individuals who are AI enthusiasts in college or who have recently graduated from college can take part in this initiative.

● Transportation

Here, taxi companies like Uber and Ola may utilize AI to figure out the fastest route utilizing maps, customer wait time, traffic congestion, client concentration, kind of services such as where exactly the cabs are presently travelling, pricing estimation, and customer experience. This might be a worthwhile endeavour because the software benefits the transportation department greatly. Automobiles and other larger trucks are anticipated to use AI to a large extent, enabling highly predictive and enjoyable client interactions.

● Amazon’s Online Store

This entails gathering and analyzing huge amounts of data from a number of sources in order to monitor and anticipate, among other things, consumer behaviour, shopping preferences, cost-effective goods, suppliers, delivery, revenue forecasts, discounts, and customer future purchase. All of these operations are handled by AI at Amazon, a worldwide retailer. This is a fantastic AI project for novices to investigate. Statistics, probability, mathematics, matrices, and vectors are increasingly used in AI. Big Data analysis with AI is one such industrial advancement in 2020 and beyond.

● Email Separation 

Email segregation, which uses artificial intelligence to identify, track, and analyses keywords in emails in order to filter spam and phishing emails, is one of the most recent innovations in the cybersecurity sector. Spam emails are hazardous because they take up space, transmit malicious payloads, and expose security weaknesses if they aren’t managed. Likewise, spear-phishing or focused phishing emails are harmful and can acquire personal details about a client in order to steal data or money from bank accounts, among other things.

● Search Engine

One of the most intriguing initiatives is to create a search engine akin to Google or Bing, which searches billions of web pages for precise matches to search phrases or keywords and displays photos, data, text, and other materials. Although Google’s search algorithms are proprietary, you may create your own search engines if you are familiar with various algorithms such as evolutionary algorithm, the shortest path first, and so on. You’ll also need a basic understanding of networks and how data travels over the internet from one location to another.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a specialized area that uses Meta keywords included in web content to make websites and their content more relevant, allowing the most relevant pages to be tracked and displayed first.


If you’re new to AI, it’s a good idea to get some practice by working on a variety of project ideas in artificial intelligence. This will also strengthen your conceptual understanding and give you the courage to pursue more difficult tasks.