User-Generated Video Content

Over the past few years, we have seen a surge in videos taking over in all possible mediums. This does not come as a surprise as videos stimulate a user’s visual and auditory senses while packing a wealth of information into a short period.

Importance of videos

Videos, unlike other modes, are very diverse in their application. Videos have different functions such as being utilized in providing entertainment to educating to expressing opinions to marketing a product. Videos are a very powerful tool.

Even in business parlance, videos can offer a great boost in exposure and engagement. But then, why would a customer trust you enough to play your video? Consumers want knowledge and they want it to be provided impartially. This is where the user-generated videos come into play. They act as a spokesperson or a brand ambassador for your company with no agenda or any specific motive.

Video Provides a New Soapbox

In today’s world that we live in, we have instant access and are spoilt for choice when it comes to express ourselves through different mediums. We tweet our feelings, We Instagram our images, Use Facebook to post the posts and Pins are uploaded on Pinterest at least a few times a day.

Opinions can be accessible to the entire internet community within minutes. Call it perils or advantages of a superior technological advancement.  This is a reality that your business or brand should take cognizance of and embrace it wholeheartedly. As a business owner or as a brand it becomes your responsibility to keep tabs on the content that is generated about you, be it video, advertisement, tweets, and so on.

ONPASSIVE, The AI-powered smart business solutions provider and a super unicorn in itself is developing great tools called ‘Video marketing’ and ‘Video Emails’ that not only tracks keywords but also give you the analytics on what gets shared the most and also lets you track your competitors and tracks videos and comments alike.  The tool can help you follow whoever is following you.

User-generated videos offer enormous potential for shareability when it comes to social media. Since videos have the potential to go viral, it brings in a huge following to your product or brand. It is the social media that provides the perfect platform for creating fun competitions and contests.

Video Creates Peer Pressure

The message of a company promoting its products may or may not be received well by the customer of that product. But when someone else says good things about your product, people are likely to listen to it. 84% of millennial consumers reported that User-generated Content (UGC) videos have influenced what they buy.

With this kind of peer pressure, a brand can gain tremendously by promoting their product. Companies would have vested interests but the users don’t as they are making the videos for the sake of entertaining and educating. When someone is not trying to sell you something, it is easier to trust that person.

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Video Builds Trust

Like what we have mentioned in the above statement UGC videos build trust. Since UGC videos are created by unique users and each of them offers a new perspective, it builds trust amongst the viewers or consumers of that particular product.

Just look at the ‘Unbox Therapy’ channel on Youtube. It is a channel started by Lewis Hilsenteger to promote his hobby of the unboxing and now he has graduated to unboxing various products and reviews them. His User-generated content videos are in high demand and currently has 3.75 million subscribers to his channel. Given the fact that 70% of consumers trust peers over businesses if your product is featured in one of his videos, you could see a sharp spike in your product sales.

The conversions can rise to 28% when a paid content is combined UGC videos. Content created by other users is highly valuable in terms of creating your brand seem credible. But it is the responsibility of the brand also to ensure to get the word out about your product. User-generated Content videos outplay brand marketing videos since it provides free marketing and publicity for your product. As of 2020, 78% of B2C companies were planning to launch user-generated content. UGC offers audience-trusted insight into your brand’s integrity and reliability.

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