Uses of AI for Business Growth

Artificial intelligence’s potential and promise for small businesses is only increasing. Even though the AI revolution is upon us, most small company owners are more concerned with keeping the lights on and the doors open than navigating what appears to be a complicated web of technological advances on a day-to-day basis.

The important thing to remember is that AI for business growth is now a part of your regular life. Your movie suggestions, driving directions, social media feeds, and your phone’s voice is all instances of how AI is already a part of your and your customers’ everyday lives.

So, if clients are already expecting an AI-assisted experience, it’s up to you to provide it. Artificial intelligence is here already, and it’s here to help you and your team get better at what you’re already doing. To put it more simply, this isn’t about replacing people or following the newest business fad; it’s about enhancing the effectiveness and efficiency of the people you already have by empowering them to make wise choices and do what they do best.

AI for Business growth

Let’s look at four distinct ways AI may assist your small business flourish right now, with this in mind.

Turn Data into Action

Platforms for Customer Relationship Management (CRM) are critical for organisations of all sizes, and good reason. They allow you to keep track of every encounter you have with your customers, so you don’t have to start from scratch every time someone calls to ask for assistance or to follow up on a discussion they had with a salesman, customer support, or live chat.

Salesforce, the world’s largest CRM, is working hard to incorporate artificial intelligence into everything they do. With the release of Einstein, they have shifted their focus to providing actionable forecasts and suggestions that may help you take your business to the next level. These insights may assist you in coaching salespeople, assisting service agents, directing marketers in the correct direction, and providing new perspectives on data you currently have.

Marketing Search

Search marketing is one of the most powerful marketing techniques available to any small-to-medium-sized business, especially one that relies on a strong local population to stay afloat. Consider healthcare businesses, real estate firms, and others. For many years, large companies have benefited from the optimization AI can give in search marketing, and it’s now one of the most accessible alternatives for start-ups and smaller firms looking to target their local audiences.

AI for business growth can aid not just by automatically optimising campaign keywords, site performance, and relevant tags, but it can also produce a better result at a cheaper cost than what the firm has seen previously.

Using Chatbots

One of the most simple ways AI may immediately assist your small business is through chatbots. With minimum programming expertise, you can now build a chatbot on Facebook Messenger or Whatsapp. Rather than focusing on the technology, you should analyse what kinds of questions a user is likely to have and then create a complete script to help them.

When it comes to commonly asked queries, customer-facing chatbots may help save a lot of time. Consider how many of your daily calls are probably around the same thing: What time do you open? Is it possible for you to send something to my address? Is this item available for purchase? These kinds of inquiries are simple to answer, but they take up a lot of time from your staff that might be better spent growing your company.

Targeted Displays

Advertising and branding that are memorable are the foundations of any effective marketing campaign. However, smaller teams frequently succumb to a one-size-fits-all approach to generating advertising owing to a lack of resources, and they cannot often adequately assess the outcomes.

However, as AI for business growth becomes more sophisticated, tailored display technologies are improving their ability to learn about customers and adjust to the words and visuals that they respond to the most. Netflix is a wonderful example of a firm that has taken use of this in a very reasonable way AI is the reason why and how the movie and TV thumbnails on your screen may have changed now and then. Its cutting-edge tailored display technology is learning what keeps you watching and what keeps you scrolling.


From marketing to hiring and onboarding new workers, AI has applications in every aspect of a company’s operations. Small firms can afford AI-powered software, contrary to common assumptions. There is little question that AI is the destiny of business, and we will see more interconnections across all sectors and applications. Its cost and time effectiveness, as well as it’s potential to assist businesses in creating a better customer experience, will lead to increased revenue.

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