Artificial intelligence identifies parallels between projects

Working smarter, not harder, is the goal of every firm, but it’s essential in architecture, where margins can be razor-thin. So, how can firms improve their operations without wasting time catching up? It is through the use of artificial intelligence (AI).

Said, AI analyses large datasets to solve previously unsolvable problems. AI frees humans from time-consuming duties like project planning and job searching. Our minds aren’t built to deal with a slew of competing deadlines, projects, and people. Mosaic, a resource management tool powered by artificial intelligence, is here to help architects make better decisions.

Making Recommendations For People’s Projects

It’s vital to ensure that each team member has enough work to keep them engaged. However, to do so effectively, a vast amount of data is required:

  • Which projects does a staff person work on?
  • Which projects are nearing completion?
  • Are there any tasks that have still to be completed?
  • Is there any money from the charge budget left over?
  • How has their work been lately?
  • What skill sets do they have?

Mosaic recommends projects to employees based on these and other data points. This guarantees that everyone is occupied and working on their duties. As a result, utilization increases dramatically, resulting in higher profit.

Suggestions For Project Groups

Consider the situation where you need to hire personnel for a project that begins next month. This has traditionally been a lengthy back-and-forth: who is available during that time, and do they have the necessary skills? After you call, email, or chat, the schedule changes. The project has been postponed then rescheduled. This is true for all undertakings, making planning considerably more complex. Mosaic, on the other hand, is capable of handling the job. It looks back at preliminary plans to find candidates who fulfil the job’s qualifications. Our recommendations get more sophisticated over time due to our machine learning.

Scheduling And Rescheduling Automation

One of the most time-consuming chores is keeping project schedules current when things change regularly. Mosaic is where you establish your project timeline and work plans. Mosaic then automatically reschedules jobs based on whether they are completed or incomplete and suggests employees who can help get work done before deadlines. This feature has been given two patents in the United States for its ingenuity.

Hiring Recommendation

As a business leader, you must constantly assess if you have too much or too little work to do and explore proposals. Mosaic estimates each function’s demand and compares it to the employees’ capacity in those positions. It will notify you if demand exceeds capacity. When combined with our calculations, you’ll have a leg up on the competition regarding hiring.

Profit And Loss Sectors Identification

Our artificial intelligence identifies parallels between projects and tells us to “do more of this and less of that.” Mosaic examines past data to determine how much money you make and how much money you lose. It even uses AI-powered resource management software integrations to analyze historical performance so you can decide which offers to abandon and which to pursue.

Workload And Revenue Predictions

Understanding margins are sometimes the source of sleepless nights for business owners. Some architecture firms have no idea how much money they’ll make next month, let alone next quarter. Or their projections aren’t correct—in which case, machine learning can assist by evaluating the project, planning, and budget data to forecast workload and revenue.


Using Mosaic, architecture firms can drastically cut the time they spend planning. This gives you more time to work on billable projects, expand your firm, and educate yourself. Some architects may be concerned that artificial intelligence would eliminate their jobs, but this is not the case. In reality, AI will make work better and more fulfilling. Business management, like buildings, is becoming more technologically advanced. And businesses will profit more—or perhaps teams will work less. But wouldn’t it be lovely to have the option to choose? That is AI’s potential. Learn more about AI from ONPASSIVE. Contact us.