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Many marketers learn a fundamental reality as they create a brand, i.e. their brand belongs to the community. Businesses try to strengthen their brand and raise awareness, but in the end, it is in their hands to target which market to target. Businesses are always trying to come up with fresh and exciting material to keep online communities and followers interested, but what if they let them participate in the content production process as well? It’sIt’s the past time for many, but to start collaborating with our audience is the new trend now. 

So, before we understand what community content is, let us define it.

Defining Community Content

Community content is a turnkey platform enabling businesses to provide brief news, weather, sports, community activities, and other subjects simply to audiences, admirers, and readers. Content sources include submitting content, including web uploading, email, mobile, API, and social media – Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter through white-label hosted websites. Community Content also enables the enterprise to live and share important announcements.

AI In Community Content

Communities of like-minded people might help you learn not only new things but also advance your profession. In the same manner, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a hot topic among developers all over the world. As an AI specialist, one must understand the newest techniques, tools, and trends. So, here are several online networks and groups where AI fans exchange their expertise, thoughts, and perspectives.

● Data Search

The Data Science Community is also known as Data Quest. It is the largest slack network for data scientists and AI experts. The group’sgroup’s purpose is to share tutorials and resources and find others to cooperate with on projects.

● AI / MI / Data Mining

This Facebook group is for AI fans who are interested in data mining and machine learning regularly. Members of the community share information and expertise to better understand the social consequences of AI.

● Informed AI

Education and knowledge on AI breakthroughs are at the heart of AI platforms. The fundamental mission is to disseminate knowledge, instruct, and educate anybody interested in studying Artificial Intelligence. Developers are encouraged to submit data on this issue using this platform.

● Spark ML Group / Data Scientist

The foundations of this Slack group are knowledge and communication management. It mainly focuses on understanding machine learning and data science topics. The group’s engineers concentrate on Apache Spark, Python Scikit-Learn, Scala Breeze, R, and other big data-related subjects.

● AI Community On A Global Scale

This community makes it possible for AI communities all around the world to communicate with one another. The platform was established to connect AI groups and allow them to share ideas and material.

Using AI To Improve The Customer Journey

When it comes to being able to customize at scale in a way that would take a human a long time to achieve, Artificial Intelligence may be beneficial. The amount of customization that AI can provide on a broad scale may substantially improve the community’s consumer experience.


Community builders are aware of interpersonal dynamics and create long-term social structures based on a common goal. We might also be asked to construct the internet’s human infrastructure. 

AI can democratize insights, but we’ve already seen how past democratizing technologies have failed to deliver. As digital behaviorists, community professionals may play a key role in developing ethical and meaningful AI that champions humans and brings us closer together rather than further fragmenting and atomizing us.

So, if you want to implement AI algorithms in your company, contact the ONPASSIVE team.