Trim URL through GoFounders

It’s a fair question to ask how can a URL shortener helps you in your business, it’s something we get asked quite a lot.

So we thought we’d provide you with the complete breakdown on this tool. Find out how to use Trim URL through GoFounders to your advantage.

What is a Custom URL Shortener?

A custom URL shortener is when you’ve combined your own custom domain to a URL shortener which serves as a base for all the short links you generate.

We usually recommend utilizing your own custom domain when sharing links online as it drives to brand awareness, improved link trust, and click-through rate.

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What Can a URL Shortener Do?

Here are a few slick things you can do with your Trim URL or URL shortener today:

Link Masking

Shortening a URL enables you to mask the primary web address.

This is grave for us as customers in the sense that it enables hackers and spammers to cover malicious links from us. With the various security features in various browsers, we no longer have to bother about malicious link masking.

Fitting link masking may be where you get a URL from a substantial piece of content that you are looking to share and simplify it to represent a crucial point in your social message.

Other great reasons for masking a link may include:

  1. Beautifying, hiding, or branding a dirty affiliate link.
  2. Shortening a long domain to something simpler.
  3. Tracking – maybe you are just trying to track how many people click on this one particular link. This is a digital marketing best exercise when sharing links online.

Link Shortening

It’s much easier to share a memorable and short URL than a long one, mainly when those long URLs include random numbers in them.

Which URLs are you going to roar to a place full of an audience while delivering a talk? A short one, or a lengthy one?

Which URL would you relate to in your presentation?

Which URL would you need to tell an audience at a networking event when you run out of business cards? It’s that simple.

Which URL do you desire to place into a forum while sharing some new ideas?

Whenever you share a link in a public framework, you should be utilizing a Trim URL tool to support the connection and track the number of click-throughs.

Link Tracking

Link tracking is the primary reason to shorten a link. The most reliable technology to track links from click to conversion has got to be GoFounders.

You can recognize how many real visitors clicked on a link versus the number of bots. This provides you with more accurate data of real visitors coming to your website and the conversion rate. You can receive a daily breakdown and even a geographical one.

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Link Retargeting

Have you ever heard of retargeting?

It’s why you get caught with ads right after seeing a product on a website.

Retargeting is basically the act of adding a tiny pixel, or a piece of code, to your website, so that when people visit, you can serve the ads to them in the future.

It’s insanely profitable for advertisers and marketers who usually refer to it as the lowest hanging fruit for any business.

Now users do not have to visit your website to get tagged with this pixel; they only require to click on a link. It’s called link retargeting.

Retargeting links increase your marketing reach outside of the awareness stage to more of a pre-awareness step that encourages you to fine-tune your targeting when advertising digitally.

Link Rotating

With exceptional linking features, you can really split traffic within the link itself and so perform a straightforward landing page test. Now, this isn’t essential for advertising, as you can only run two ads that let you handle this on the page preferably within the link, but there are a few possibilities for testing split traffic for your links.

You can do something like run a contest and have the first click go to the “winner” page when every other click goes to a “try again” page.

Link Swapping or Changing

It’s so simple; still, most of the link shortening services don’t let you do it.

You generate a shortened link and share it across various networks, then the page your link points to is taken down.

If you need to change the destination URL, you can. It requires just a couple of seconds, and those links you shared will automatically update.

Here’s a great example of how you can use link swapping in combination with your Instagram bio so you can drive traffic to your latest blog post without changing the Instagram website link every time.

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Where to locate the TrimURL tool in the GoFounders platform?

There are two ways to determine the TrimURL tool. One way is by directly visiting the Trim URL website. The other way is to access by the founders of the company through the GoFounders dashboard.

Trim URL Website

Steps to locate and use TrimURL tool through GoFounders:

  1. The link to this tool is accessible under the “My Links” segment on the GoFounders dashboard.
  2. Below My Links tab, you will identify various choices to copy and share the links.
  3. If you click on the “Copy Link” and open the link on next tab on the browser, you will see long URLs, such as^/invitation/XXXX, and there is a choice to share this link through email with a personalized message by clicking the “Share Link” button.
  4. We recommend you to click on the “Trim Your Link” button accessible in the center of this page.
  5. Once you click on the button as mentioned above, it will bring you to the next page which presents a text field with “Paste Your Link Here” stated on it. A user will be able to paste the copied link and click on the “TRIM” option to prepare a shortened URL. If you click on the TRIM button, shortened, or trimmed URL seems like this –
Trim URL in GoFounders

Still, this shortened URL has random characters and can be regarded as spam by the link recipients as the link doesn’t have any information about the content of the URL.

Hence, we recommend you click on “Create Your Custom URL” that enables you to join keywords you crave to present to the recipients.

  • Firstly, you are required to paste the URL that you want to shorten under the text field which implies “Paste Your Link Here”.
  • Then include the keyword (without any space) after “” as displayed in the above image. This keyword will get attached in the shortened URL, and the recipient will learn what the link includes at the other end.
  • Click on the “TRIM” button to receive the customized, precise URL ready to share.

Hence, this shortened URL makes it easier to understand for the audience and the recipient with whom it will be shared further. Opportunities for regarding it as spam will decrease. More clicks can be achieved when we eliminate random characters with outlined and particular keywords. Using Trim URL through GoFounders helps you achieve not only your digital marketing dreams but also user reliability.

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