Digital marketing trends

Digital marketing has seen significant growth within a short span. It is the continuous process of making your entire business visible online. Digital marketing is not as easy as you think and involves strategizing, re-strategizing, and modifying digital marketing efforts again and again. As a owner of the college, it can keep you updated about the latest digital marketing trends and sustain your business even in the most neck to neck competition.

Here come the ten most important digital marketing trends in the education sector

A professional website that looks good serves as the best virtual point of contact, and students can visit the institute or the campus, online! Students can also access the website to understand more about the college and its various offerings.

Thus, the website of the college must be professionally designed and filled with the most relevant information.

  • Improved social media presence

Generation Z has defined social media, and all of its members are incredibly tech-savvy and are social media geeks. Generation Z is usually most active on social media platforms, and social media influence most of their opinions. Institutes need to have a more impactful presence across all social media platforms.

  • Webinars from industry experts

Industry experts usually run Webinars, and a large chunk of the modern-era students are also curious learners. If students hope to gain more information, they can do the same with the help of verticals and platforms. Educational institutes attract more students with webinars’ assistance, as experts are usually brought on board to educate students.

Webinars and colleges can educate the students and work as their form of advertisement! There are usually a large number of admissions that typically leverage the power of free webinars.

  •  More significant presence in educational websites

Presence in official educational websites As stated earlier, students carry out an online research to choose a suitable college for admission. They usually visit the institute’s website to learn more about the admission process in depth. Students typically look for reviews about the colleges before shortlisting them.

  •  Enhanced Search Engine Optimization

Google search is easily the most-used search engine. Students are capable of carrying out Google search while searching for suitable universities/colleges for admissions.

Colleges must feature in the search engine results pages and aim to hold higher rank. It is precisely the situation where search engine optimization comes into play. Those institutes that are indexed by Google and feature in SERPs can catch students’ attention

  • Improved Digital Marketing

Email marketing has still not lost its significance as all professional communications, including marketing, still occur via email. Institutes can also leverage email marketing to send a promotional email to the target audience (here, students).

  • Improved PR for colleges

PR is capable of facilitating and enhancing online presence and reputation management. Like any other business, institutes are capable of leveraging PR to drive more traffic to their main website.

The universities are also usually looking for guest posts, outreach, and article submission in reputed third-party websites. It will increase the credibility of institutes, which in turn will help them to secure more admissions.

  • Premium Quality Education Blogs

The educational blogs usually serve two purposes and act as an essential piece of information for the students. In contrast, it serves as a marketing tool for the university. Blogs aim to educate and enlighten readers- especially with institutes that post blog frequently, connect better with their students.

  • Improved Personal Assistant/Admission Bot

Students are often capable of driving to the institute’s website with the help of different digital marketing tactics. However, a lot of the times, it does not result in conversions to admissions as they do not get relevant information from the website of various institutions.

Furthermore, the vast majority of students also find it comfortable to interact with the customer support team in order to solve their queries. 

  • Faster Live Streaming

Live streaming is getting more attention in the contemporary time. You can easily leverage live streaming to simplify, speed-up, and improve the admission procedure and find out prospective student’s attention.

An institute can host a session whereby it can address several questions that students have in their mind. It can be related to the admission process, fee structure, amenities, and educational courses.

Final Thoughts

 Digital marketing in the education industry is rapidly changing. One needs to stay ahead of the trends and gain a competitive advantage in this industry! Thus, the above mentioned ten digital marketing trends are the most important in the educational sector.