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In this article, we will be learning exactly how you can utilize ONPASSIVE AI for your next business event. Event marketers are at the forefront of cutting-edge technology in grabbing attention and keeping the attendee’s interest even after the event is over.

It should not be a surprise that AI has become a more staple at industry events, and it has been at the forefront of cutting-edge technology. Before we look into leveraging AI and maximizing your success, let us define artificial intelligence better.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence or machine learning can help in analyzing data and uncovering trends and patterns in carrying out more advanced functionality.

Some major statistics of artificial intelligence are:

● More than 83% of businesses can say AI is a more strategic priority.

● 84% of businesses of AI can help them to enable a competitive advantage.

● 61% of business professionals believe that AI and machine learning is the most significant data initiative.

In what ways can you use AI for Your Business Event?

These are the significant ways artificial intelligence can be used in improving your next event:

Personalizing Event Promotion With the Help of AI:

● A strong promotional strategy is essential to the success of your event and advertising can help in building hype for your event.

● Pre-event content and advertising can also attract new audiences and also help in generating more event registrations.

● AI has made content creation more personalized, and distribution has become more streamlined.

● Artificial Intelligence has the ability in assessing the behavior of the audience and customizing content, format, and cadence.

Collecting and Scoring More Leads:

● Lead generation is an essential objective of B2B industry events, and generating attendance will not specifically boost the ROI of your event marketing.

● AI can help to capture attendee information, as soon as they arrive at your event.

Making Use of Chatbots for Attendee Interaction:

● Chatbots incorporated with AI can help in assisting attendees and can also provide answers to questions.

● AI Chatbots are able to offer in-depth, personalized responses that can imitate human communication.

Offering Apps Which are Specific to Events:

● Mobile apps can be excellent event guides and can offer surveys and polls, which can help in streamlining scheduling as well.

● AI-powered events always analyze attendee activity. Thus, offering personalized recommendations in real-time.

Automating Event Follow-ups and Nurturing Programs:

● It is beneficial as it can help in generating leads and maximizing your ROI as well.

● Tools that are enabled with AI can help in categorizing leads of the event and can deliver automated content as well.

In conclusion, these are the ways ONPASSIVE AI will help utilize and leverage artificial intelligence for your next business event.