Various Types of AI Marketing Tools

People from all walks of life are debating the benefits and drawbacks of artificial intelligence (AI). The benefits and drawbacks of artificial intelligence will define future generations, indeed, the entire future of our species. But, unfortunately, science fiction is still just a storey nowadays.

When considering AI and what it can accomplish, it’s critical to keep in mind its limitations. But it’s also important to realise how swiftly things have changed.

Understanding both sides allows you to see where AI excels and where it still has significant flaws. One thing is certain: The more you know about AI now, the better off you’ll be in the future. This is unavoidable in the sales and marketing landscape of the future. Smart marketers will be around for the entire journey as the merits and downsides of AI alter.

What is AI Marketing?

AI marketing refers to methods that use machine learning and consumer data to forecast or anticipate a customer’s purchase behaviours and optimise the buyer’s journey.

Over time, the evolution of analytics and big data has made it easier for marketers to acquire a more accurate representation of their target consumers. As a result, AI marketing has become a popular commodity in the commercial world due to these new developments.

Using AI Marketing Tools has many benefits as it will help them improve campaign effectiveness and ROI without putting in much effort. AI marketing has numerous advantages, but it also has certain disadvantages.

The Pros and Cons of AI Marketing

Let’s look more closely at our comprehensive list of AI benefits and drawbacks.


●Responsive Customer Experiences.
●Higher Website Conversion Rates.
●More Upsells and Cross-Sells
●Efficient Use of Your Data.
●Massive Savings
●Value time


●Algorithms might fail
●AI Seeks Humans help
●AI is a costly affair
●AI needs frequent maintenance

Types of AI Marketing Tools

Customer Service

Businesses of all sizes have experimented with AI in customer support. Businesses are increasingly turning to chatbots for an engaging solution that avoids the inevitable delays and mishaps that human customer service employees cannot avoid.

Many customers still value the personal touch, especially later in the buyer’s journey; therefore, most firms aren’t ready to abandon it. Nonetheless, knowing that there is a fully scalable solution to ensure that every consumer touch is completely tailored based on previous behaviour is thrilling.

Automated Tasks

Marketers can now arrange their work and execute mundane activities using IFTTT. Marketers can build up and schedule specific tasks to be executed automatically when other key events occur. This implies that one action can trigger the execution of another. When you update your Twitter profile photo, for example, IFTTT AI technologies may automatically update your Facebook profile photo as well. These services automate tiny chores, but they can save hundreds of minutes over the course of a year.

Image Recognition

Over the last few years, AI-powered image identification has been a trendy issue among social media users. Most people, including me, enjoy experimenting with filters on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and Snapchat.

Other than allowing users to email humorous images to their pals, these filters serve a deeper function. These filters are used by brands to engage with their target clients.

As part of their marketing campaigns, they even manufacture their own filters. As a result, brands may interact with their audiences more personally and consistently with image recognition.

Automated Emails

One of the great things to happen to the marketing world is email automation. Emails can now be delivered regularly, with personalised messaging tailored to the recipients’ needs. In addition, brands utilise artificial intelligence (AI) to assist them in curating customised messaging for their customers to enhance engagement depending on their behaviour and preferences. This increases the likelihood that a client will open an email sent by a corporation.

Email automation has freed up a significant amount of time for human marketers, allowing them to focus on other tasks. However, many marketers find AI to be a challenging topic to grasp at first. Such AI Marketing Tools may seem to be only for entertainment or a faraway fantasy, although they are real, and they may help your team increase traffic and generate leads to propel your company forward.

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If you’re ready to take AI really and integrate it into a comprehensive digital marketing and sales strategy, it’s a winning bet in marketing. Although AI isn’t flawless now, it’s on the verge of becoming so.