Very Exciting Times for all of us

thank you Ash

So glad that I had seen the vision of this amazing opportunity back when there were only 15,000 members, would have been sooner if I had heard of it earlier. I am self-employed and have been for 25 years. I have always had an open mind for new and better things or ways.

It is so very hard to get people around me to see the same vision, and so sad when they finally get what this is all about. Ash is an amazing human being for what he has done for so many of us. May God bless him and keep him safe. Waiting for the day we all get to come together and be face to face, I have met some pretty amazing people here and have great relationships built, thank you, Ash.

Lisa Weathers

onpassive founder
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  • created by Greg Hill created by Greg Hill

    Hello Lisa,
    Wow, you joined when there was only 15,000. That was 50,000 Founders ago.
    Today is the day that the total number of founders will reach the number of 65,000 founders. I just created a video I’m going to share on the ONPAASIVE community about this historical event. ONPASSIVE is more than just a bunch of marketing people trying to make a fortune. They are people like you who have seen the vision that Ash has unveiled to the world so all may participate and have success even if you know zero, zilch, nothing, nada about marketing or promoting a company. I have over 11,000 followers on Pinterest but that doesn’t make me money but it will bring traffic. But the traffic we are going to see with the launch of ONPASSIVE will be massive. I’m in this to win this but most of all blessed to be IN IT TO WIN IT with founders like yourself who have been patient form the early start of ONPASSIVE with Ash and his vision.

    4 months ago | 17 March, 2020 5:38 pm Reply

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