The pandemic situation has led all the industries to work remotely, and most businesses are using remote tools to conduct businesses. Video conferencing software is one such tool that has an established place in modern business practices and currently is one of the primary ways of business communication and collaboration.

Video conferencing is a major existing tool that was earlier being utilized to conduct meetings with people at a considerable distance. However, with the continuation of restrictions and remote working conditions, video conferencing has become a fundamental part of business activities to conduct regular team or client meetings.

Best Practices to Enhance Video Conferencing for your Business

Video conferencing, without a doubt, is an effective communication tool for businesses. However, some of the best practices to enhance the experience of video conferencing are:

Tech Preparation prior to the meeting 

Preparation is key before any important meeting. This includes materials that will be used in the meeting and the technology you will be using to conduct meetings. 

Before conducting a video conference, make sure you check the following:

  • Check if the cameras and microphones are working well. If the meeting includes multiple participants, they have to check if their microphones and cameras are working well.
  • Ensure there is a good signal. Poor signals can affect the quality of video conferencing.
  • Check the lighting before the meeting starts. Lighting should be adequate that the faces of all the participants are visible.
  • Always choose the right software that fits your business needs and budget.

Meeting Etiquette 

Although remote working may not require formal attire, always make sure that you dress better when attending a virtual meeting. Although full business attire may not be required, consider wearing semi-casuals. 

Few points to keep in mind on meeting etiquette are:

  • If there are any new participants in the meeting, ensure they are introduced to the team and start with a conversation before discussing serious business topics.
  • Ensure there are no distractions, especially during remote working conditions; there will be many distractions.
  • It is essential to remain friendly throughout the meeting without rudeness or raising voice and addressing every issue positively.
  • Punctuality is the key whether you are the participant or a manager leading the meeting.
  • Treat the virtual meeting the same way as an in-person meeting.

Choose an Appropriate Location 

Choosing a good location with a suitable background is essential for video conferencing. Finding a quiet place with minimal or no distractions is critical for remote meetings. At home, participants can try finding a neutral place without any disturbances in the background.

The place chosen needs to be calm without people walking in the background and. However, few video conferencing software in the market provides a range of neutral and business-like backgrounds. Therefore, participants can also choose those backgrounds to avoid any disturbances and distractions.

Material Preparation 

Although most of the video conferences involve discussions, some meetings may even have information and materials presented. It is effortless to share them through virtual meetings.

Therefore, it would be beneficial to send in the material to the team before the meeting starts to have a clear idea of the topics being discussed in the meeting. It also helps them formulate questions in case of doubts which makes the meeting more informed and meaningful.

Timing of the Meeting 

One of the crucial things to consider before conducting a video conference is the timing. Provide participants with a proper schedule of the meeting so that they are well prepared. Although few meetings can last longer than planned, it would be helpful to provide a start time and end time of the meeting to the team.

Remote working conditions may vary the schedule timings of employees compared to the office timings. However, few softwares even provide the option of recording the entire meeting, which helps non-attendees catch up on the meeting later. 

By following these practices helps businesses enhance their video conferencing experience. 


Businesses are increasingly adopting video conferencing tool. This is the most reliable and trending technology that can be adapted to conduct business meetings and conferences according to their needs.

However, businesses need to ensure they follow certain practices and guidelines and choose the right software that suits their business needs; before conducting a virtual meeting to improve the overall experience of the video conference.