How AI is Broadening Peoples View on Video Content Creation

It’s not a new task to understand why video is so popular these days. One of the reasons is that it’s easy to digest, engaging, entertaining, and quickly catches a customer’s attention by eliminating overwhelming textual information online. This is the main reason why the whole world gives rise to 1 billion hours of YouTube videos per day.

Videos are a versatile content format that gives us the real-life experience of what is going on. Sharing videos across numerous platforms is proving to pay massive dividends. One of the most significant technological breakthroughs continually buzzing in our ears is artificial intelligence proliferation, and here is the way to create video content with AI Technology.  

AI in Video Content Creation

AI is not just a thing of imagination as AI is the fantasy that has finally emerged into a reality. When it comes to video content creation, AI is enhancing many areas of the production and distribution process. From filming and creating content for videos to picking and sharing clips online, AI is set to change video content creation and production as we know it. These two breakthroughs can work seamlessly with each other. 

Many savvy marketers use AI to enhance their video marketing strategies’ quality and performance to grow their reach and increase conversion rates. But how can marketers incorporate AI in their video content creation and marketing strategies? Here are a few ways to consider.

#1 Improved Personalization

There are many plausible reasons why personalized marketing is monumental today. Not only does it enhance the user engagement process, but it also provides hand-crafted messages which customers love. Although video marketing that is personalized is yet to catch on, we have no doubt it will hit a home run as more brands understand that tailored video content creation propels their engagement rates to the sky. 

Customer responses are much better to video than any form of the content on a website. AI systems build on the information based on customer search history and generate targeted ads and content matching the audience’s interests.

#2 Multiplied Conversions

With users spending almost one-third of their time online to watch videos, most customers get annoyed to view ads that don’t resonate with them. One way to eliminate this and not bombard customers with irrelevant ads would be to cater to products they are interested in, based on their choice while making video content creation. Doing so will help consumers purchase after watching a video rather than just reading about it. 

According to research, a video encourages 64% of viewers to buy a product if the ad is personalized for them. This increases conversions in video content creation, and it is not hard to understand why video helps bring products to life. With the help of AI, you’ll be in safe hands that every tailored video content creation is delivered to its target audience, which will bring them more conversions. 

#3 Synthesizes Speech in Videos

Many marketers have observed that speech tends to make their video more engaging than other forms of content. One of the subfields of Artificial intelligence, like Deep learning technology, can recreate a voice that your audience can engage during video content creation. A real-time example of this is Facebook, being the giant of social media platforms; it achieved this in just 500 milliseconds. But it isn’t effortless to use this for video content creation. 

Businesses can use AI-powered text-to-speech software to replicate the voices of all aged people, nationalities, and genders. The spectrum of possible voices is growing every day, and this eventually helps huge marketers choose the right voice to attract their customers’ attention to their videos. 

#4 Streamlined Visual design Process

Many online design platforms make use of AI applications to create engaging visual content. There are many ways that AI can boost the quality of visual designs. Most of these online platforms instruct designers to use AI-based images in video content creation, depending upon the design.

Deep learning technology can help businesses to evaluate their choices. This algorithm identifies the most popular and compelling images to gain the audience’s attention. The design software leverages this information to make better recommendations for images in the future designed modules. 

Artificial intelligence is the foundation of modern marketing, as marketers need to leverage the power of deep learning and other prominent data elements in every way possible. AI will continue to be an indispensable technology in the future. As a marketer, you need to be confident about one thing that if your brand is still not putting effort into video content creation and marketing, you’re driving your business down the hill. However, you can dodge this by joining us at ONPASSIVE!

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