Video Content

In today’s internet age, it’s no more a secret that video content is one of the most consumed forms of digital content where the YouTube platform has attracted most of the audience.

But at the same time, it’s become more challenging to attract more audiences to watch your video; it’s no more simplistic as shooting one. As technology advances, it’s also advancing the competition and has made it a bit difficult to get your video viewed by more and more audiences on YouTube

With the help of new modern technology where video production has become more comfortable for the production team, YouTube SEO has evolved to assist the user with the exact insight on what the viewer desires to watch.

What Is YouTube Algorithm? 

Every social platform works on specific algorithms, and that’s where YouTube stands apart from all other social media platforms because they are pretty open about the way their algorithms works. This generous gesture of YouTube helps you attract more traffic and profound knowledge about what your audiences want to watch to keep them engaged. 

YouTube algorithm tries to assist audiences in finding the videos they are looking for and engage them on the platform for a more extended period. To achieve these goals, YouTube mainly suggests videos that are most appropriate to the audience’s early engagement history in these areas: search bar, homepage, recommended videos, trending, and based on subscriptions.

Let’s have a close look at these areas and other different factors that are in play in terms of ranking and recommending videos:

The Search bar area: 

The most significant factors that apply in this area are the keyword and relevancy in between. YouTube looks for a keyword that the user uses to search within the title and description and content. The result also depends upon the number of views any video has on the appearance of the video.

Home Page and Suggested Videos: 

YouTube carefully analyzes what users viewed and addresses potentially related videos. These videos then get ranked as per their level of engagement from the same viewers and how frequently they see a particular YouTube channel or videos on the same topic.


To help the new videos or new channels to get more exposure, YouTube employs a balanced exposure policy, it will show you half of the most viewed videos and half new videos.


View the new videos from the channels you follow. Check the speed of people watching a video instantly after it’s released, and it is essential in ranking videos on YouTube. Additionally, YouTube acknowledges the number of active subscribers of a channel.

This article couldn’t be summed up in one part as the topic is vast, and even it would become more annoying for you to continue reading. Therefore, to conclude on this part of the article, all you need to know the content that you produce should always meet the expectation and requirements of the users and keep them engaged.

In the second part of this article, we will cover what one needs to know to optimize their YouTube channel and its content, which will help them attract more traffic.