Video Conferencing Platforms

Virtual meetings are the need of the current time. The present pandemic necessitates it to avoid the spread of the virus and save lives. In such a situation, it is necessary to look for options that help achieve effective virtual communication. There are systems and software at hand to experience the best video engagement. This being said, let us know some details on enhancing audience interaction and engagement in virtual meetings.

Generally, while you watch a video, what all things do you consider to get engaged with it? It is, of course, the beautiful colours, the speech, body language, etc. Much above it should the subject of your interest. While talking about virtual meetings, though not all the factors mentioned above might apply to this, some do. Video and speech clarity, body language and relevancy can be considered.

Wherever there is a chance to connect virtually, it is suggested to engage through videos to continue working. At the same time, it is essential to make it more effective. Any fluctuations and hindrances in conducting the virtual meeting will not yield the expected results. They are set to yield positive results when the functionalities of it work successfully. So, it is significant to have the best quality system that enables quality video engagement.

While talking about the technicalities of the subject, here are few points to discuss:

Essential Factors to enhance user attention and interaction in Virtual Meetings

Turning the video on:

Consider a team that is connected through a video call. In a physical meeting, we tend to look at a speaking person and try to pay attention to what is being said. We also tend to pose any questions instantly. Such structure creates a better interaction. While in the case of the virtual meeting, are we able to achieve this? If yes, it is fine. If no, then it is time to execute our virtual interaction to communicate face to face as in a physical office environment.

Relevant communication:

communication of the team should be more relevant to the topic. Of course, you can have some fun elements added to it to make it more lively. However, any deviation from the topic, video engagement would be hard to achieve. Focusing on providing examples relevant to the topic, discussing any practical difficulties, or playing videos relevant to the topic can attract user attention.

Training sessions:

Conducting various live training sessions helps the audience engagement and gives a place for any interaction. Not all have the same efficiency levels. If one is strong at some point, another one is strong at some other areas. The virtual meeting serves as a platform to discuss each other shortcomings, and at the same time, it helps gain guidance in the areas where efficiency is lacking. Training with new skills specific to a domain paves the way to gain skill and thereby productive output.


Now, it is time to discuss product usage, which enables the best video engagement. Choosing the best tools and systems will generate virtual meetings free of disturbance.

Who would not love to engage and interact during a video call? Most of us do so if it is lively. OCONNECT is one such product developed to meet hassle-free video engagement. Significant features of the product include a dashboard that keeps track of the attendance while giving an option to chat during the ongoing call.

The Sound clarity is refined, and the video is of excellent quality. The ongoing videos can be recorded and played whenever needed. Speech-to-text is another important feature of OCONNECT. What if the person at the other corner of the world is not familiar with the language that is being communicated. No worries! The product supports the Auto Language Translation feature that converts a foreign language into a regional language