Viral marketing

We all have access to social media and we have all seen viral videos and content spreading like wildfire. So what is viral marketing? Is that a natural phenomenon? Or is it planned? Viral marketing is a commixture of both. In Fact, viral marketing comprises a planned viral advertising, viral campaigns and sheer luck. All these randomly make something a big hit.

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Viral Marketing:

We give you an insight on Viral Marketing and its advantages here in this blog.  Any viral content has a well-designed strategy behind it, but getting is viral can be attributed to creativity, preparation, and part luck.  Anything that is able to generate interest and the potential sale of a brand or product through messages that spreads like a contagion from an individual to another is called viral marketing. A random network of users choosing to share interesting content is called viral marketing in content.

As mentioned earlier, social networks are considered as viral marketing’s natural habitat because of the speed and ease to share. Any content which is emotional, surprising, funny or unique in nature is shared on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, and other channels. One content starts getting viral there is no way anyone can stop it but to let it fade naturally since the control is complete with the users. There is a risk that the message can get misinterpreted or even parodied. But at the brand level, a successful viral campaign can work wonders for the brand’s results.

Viral Campaigns Strategies:

The strategy to market a campaign though sounds simple, is not. You could create a video, or content which is attractive to your target audience, upload it on the internet and promote it. If the content is perceived to be extraordinary, the internet lets that go viral.

There are two types of dispersion strategies for brand videos:  the shown or the concealed. In the shown strategy, the user is conscious and aware that they are watching advertising or branded content, while in the concealed the participation of the brand is hidden throughout the content and is revealed later.

But while applying the concealed strategy, be careful enough so that the users do not feel tricked, cheated or deceived. Whichever strategy you might choose, never become spammy or go on a sharing spree. Rather than repeating the message over and over again, utilize a social media platform that makes the content viral on its own.

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Viral Marketing Advantages:

  • Costless: Since the users do the most important part of working for the brand in viral campaigns, the cost of dispersion is cut down drastically. There is no need for a brand to buy advertising or media space.
  • Great Reach: Viral videos or content has the ability to reach an international audience as well, without spending large sums of money on advertising. Individuals and small businesses can benefit from this.
  • Not invasive: It is the social media user making the decision to participate and share content and therefore the brand does not have to play a role after uploading the content.
  • Brand Building: Viral marketing is an extremely potent tool when branding and awareness is concerned.