Remote Teams

We have previously discussed a few of the activities that would help you manage your virtual remote teams. Here we will extend that a little further. Strategically developed virtual team building activities provide communication while strengthening a shared team identity. These activities can also reduce the engagement-draining difficulties of a distributed or remote workforce.

Let’s start!

“Can You Hear Me Now?”

“Can You Hear Me Now” is the most significant digital games for virtual teams. You can play this game in a virtual conference room and nominate one person to be the spokesman and the remainder as artists. The speaker should use a random image generator you can find on the internet to source a fitting image, and the purpose is to explain that image in such a way that the artists can paint it successfully. The only guideline that makes this task challenging is that your speaker should only use geometric shapes. By restricting instructions to geometric positions and shapes, the speaker needs to execute remarkably precise communication, and the artists are required to listen and interpret. This game is a substitute for efficient online communication and is also really fun.

Spreadsheet Pixel Art

Usually, the virtual teams are closely familiar with Google Sheets, but only a few relatively consider them as remote employee engagement exercises. If you are a nerd as well as an artist, then you will relish doing Spreadsheet Pixel Art. Typically, Spreadsheet Pixel Art is when you add a shortcode to Sheets that will change the numbers with color for that cell. You can then utilize these colored cells to paint those numbers and create pictures of landscapes, animals, or similar. This Virtual team building activity, you can do a long-term or a short-term competition to see who on your remote team provides the best work of art.

Quarterly Christmas

You can plan Quarterly Care Package or a Quarterly Christmas for your team. Essentially, once every couple of months, you can surprise your team members with a package in the email. Quarterly Christmas is an efficient team building for remote teams, as getting a surprise package is like a little burst of happiness in an otherwise cloudy day.

A Slack Channel To Share Pictures of Pets

You can share pictures of your pets, doing hilarious things, and making funny faces in the Slack channel called #pets-of-museum-hack. This is an effortless channel, and it takes minimal effort or maintenance, but there’s a massive payoff in the amount of culture boosting and team building it presents! Essentially, this channel is a success in the arena of easy and quick team building activities for telecommuters.

DIY Craft Challenge

The DIY Craft Challenge is a 30-minute surprise exercise you can play with your team. To do this challenge, you bring everyone together on a virtual call, share the rules, and start a 30-minute timer. Each individual has half an hour to develop something from supplies available at home.

Typing Speed Race

Typing speed events are available for free virtual team building activities that you can begin right now. To start, take a typing test practicing in or similar. Then, share your results by email or on your company message board. The more competitive team members will respond with results promptly, and others will follow.

Pub Trivia for Virtual Teams

Your team can’t go to a pub together, but they still can arrange pub trivia and similar online happy hour contests. For these kinds of video conferencing activities, invite your team members to a call and let them know that they are able to bring a pint of their preferred brew, whether that beverage maybe a beer, wine, or even tea. Then, the host distributes everyone into smaller teams and reads out the questions. Participants should answer as a team, and each right answer wins points. You can create themed trivia like musical clues, Netflix shows, and science facts.

Virtual Happy Hour

The easiest way to bring together a virtual team and develop the spirit remotely is to abandon the usual plan. Most meetings are usually dull, and people attend these meetings ready to disengage and surf off to other sections of the internet.

Hydration Nation

In addition to the games, you can perform virtually for fun; you can also play games that inspire healthy practices. For example, Hydration Nation is a means for participants to drink more water all through the day.

Virtual team building activities can remodel your remote team members, making them feel engaged, connected, happy, and appreciated at work.