Digital Marketing Efforts

In the era of digital marketing, unique content helps to stand out in the crowd.  Creative content that gets well with the context is the secret of securing a higher rank among your arch-rivals. Did you know that words sometimes fall short of generating more traffic to your website or boosting the SEO? In this scenario, increasing the digital marketing effort seems to be a bit difficult for a digital marketer. In this scenario, an interactive content that is well-compiled with the visual element or an Infographic can help the content marketing efforts to outshine. Making the content interactive is straightforward, as it can quickly grab the viewers’ eyeballs.

As per research, a human on an average processes pictorial representation 60,000 times faster than a simple line of text.  The importance of visual content is increasing day by day, and this article is going to shed light on the upsurge of it.  

The Importance of Visual Content in Digital Marketing Efforts

A picture has got the potentiality to solve even the most critical problem in a jiffy. The visual representation of apparently mundane texts is the perfect choice for social media marketing. A successful content marketing strategy can take your branding related game to the next level. Leveraging marketing objects can get more accessible with the proper usage of interactive or video content.

As per one report published by a leading daily, tweet with images increases the chance of re-tweeting the same up to 150%. This kind of tweet is capable of getting 18% more clicks. Therefore limiting your content marketing efforts to the age-old text-heavy content may lag you behind in branding. The perfect combination of visuals and the text leaves a more substantial impact on the human mind.

 Science has also proven that emotional responses and visual stimuli are connected in our brains. These two glands generate reactions and create memories that can linger in the subconscious mind for a long time. That’s why visual content is easy to process and remember. Moreover, a compelling and creative interactive video content receives more share than its text counterpart can ever think of getting. That’s why the entrepreneurs and marketers are zeroing in producing video content for the ultimate success of their digital marketing efforts. The on-going demand for creating good quality creative video content sums the story.

Let’s speak a length about what all are the visual elements that can be included in the digital marketing efforts to assure the success of the organization.

  • Importance of Infographic placement

Good quality content is mostly backed by supporting facts and data. Infographics are highly effective in terms of simplifying complex data and highlighting the essential statistics at a glance. Animated infographics are also doing exceptionally well in the market. So, your digital marketing efforts can get increased while adding an Infographic in your digital marketing strategy. This interactive content can provide impressive performance and can be proven engagement for your target audience.  This Infographic placement can easily do justice to your digital marketing efforts. So, those who are all planning to bring some change in their content marketing efforts– can try to add this new graphic in their content marketing plan and see the magic.

  • Produce Video Content

Amplifying the content marketing efforts require a considerableamount of research. Brainstorming and coming up with a video content strategy for your company may be proven great for your brand value. Your users want to see more video content from you. This form of visual content is in fashion now. It will be great sometimes if you can add some videos to your text content. A brand can use its competitor’s videos, but make sure to give them video credit. 

  • Adding GIFS and Memes can be significant.

The importance of GIF and Memes does not need to be described. The number of views and engagement it generates that itself can accelerate digital marketing efforts. These two elements are unputdownable when it comes to creating a social media strategy for any organization. These two trending visuals are the best to convey a certain kind of emotion or feeling. Even, the youngsters are also getting influenced by the GIFs and Memes. So, brands those who all are trying hard to focus on the youths, can easily add this to their digital marketing plan.

  • Consider Choosing Quality Images

Imagine, a high content supported by an excellent quality snapshot has got popped up in your mobile or laptop on the go. By looking at the clarity of the picture itself, a large chunk of the audience would prefer to give that a read. Choosing a good quality picture in the banner and thumbnails is the most important thing a marketer should consider to enhance the digital marketing efforts.

More than 3 billion images get shared every day worldwide. Most organizations are trying hard to boost their content marketing efforts by bringing various changes into their visual content management strategy. By ensuring the factors mentioned above, while brainstorming about how to maximize your digital marketing efforts, you can expect the best result without investing an excessive amount into your allocated budget.