Voice Search Optimization

The year 2020 is said to be the year of the voice search with the advancement of the technology. Most mobile phone users prefer to voice search over the manual search, and whenever they search any business or product via voice search, it’s called engaging with the customers by calling.

A business is supposed to optimize its website for voice search so that the company should not miss on the voice traffic, which might be their potential customers.

What is Voice Search?

The voice search is a part of voice recognition technology that allows a user to perform a search by simple communication with the device or via voice instruction using natural language. These devices can be a smartphone, tablet, laptop or computer, and smart home appliances that can perform a specific task with IoT.

Voice Search Statistics:

  1. Voice search rate among all the mobile phone queries is between 20%-25%.
  • 20% of the youth use mobile devices at least once in a month for voice search.
  • Due to the law or for life safety, 52% of the public uses voice technology while on the road.
  • Voice-based searches in mobiles are three times accurate than that of text search.
  • People using smart speakers tend to use 76% of voice searches every week, and 46% perform searches are daily.
  • 27% of the local web traffic is after the voice search.
  • 51% of consumers use voice search when they look for better cuisine.
  • 15% of internet users use a voice-controlled smart assistant, and 34% of the users are interested in purchasing one.
  • 9. 65% of the user from the age group of 25-49 years use their voice-enabled device at least once a day.

Voice search trends will inevitably affect business:

Depending upon how you adapt your marketing strategy in this always-changing world, voice searches will have an inevitable effect on your business. Voice search reaching the top in today’s mobile-first world business needs to adapt the changes according to the modern digital age.

Voice search improves on the customer experience by being quick and accurate in terms of the results provided by search engines. If you have a properly optimized website, your business could reach the top list of the search results.

Voice searches result in impacting marketing strategies for many companies, and below mentioned are some ways how voice search affect SEO:

  • Use of informal language or making the conversation more interactive.
  • Conversion of long text searches in highly-focused search queries that tend to transform exceptionally well.
  • Voice searches emphasize on the featured snippet where a user doesn’t require opening any link.
  • Information provided would be the best one available on the internet and will be authoritative content.

From the search purpose to local SEO, there is a lot that is supposed to get managed when it is about optimizing for voice search. If your business is not working on the marketing strategies, now is the time to start investing. Changes that happen due to the new technologies also bring new opportunities to seize. 

In this regularly advancing technology and with the evolution of digital marketing, the best tips and tricks for optimizing your voice search may not be the best tomorrow. Always keep on updating the techniques which your business employs for the regular growth of your business.