Thank you Mr. Ash for Making It All Happen

Since my wife and all of our children, grandchildren, and great-grandson all have their own GoFounders accounts, I want to donate my earnings to many causes such as scholarships, preschool programs, churches, and many other reasons. I don’t even want a new car. My 2010 dodge caravan runs just fine. The 2 things I want to do for myself: remodel our home including solar energy and add a theater room; buy a really nice condominium in beautiful downtown St. Petersburg, not to live like me but to use it for inviting special family members and friends, such as my many GoFounders friends, to come on vacations, and we will provide free rooming. I want my life to remain as simple and enjoyable as it is now. Finally, I want to thank Mr. Ash for making it all happen. “It’s a done deal”.