In the first part of this article, we explained how ONPASSIVE could help your business go online. We looked into six tools and services designed and offered by the company that can launch your business instantly and enables you to optimize your website and business with self-operating tools.

Now, we will understand how to use business insights and data with the help of ONPASSIVE’s artificial intelligence solution:

7. Analyze the Outcomes of Business Activities:

Business without data is like an ocean without water. Data helps you forecast and plan.

With the help of ONPASSIVE’s AI applications, you could launch multiple data extraction points and use those data to identify pain points. The collected data could help you pre-plan your strategies, forecast demands, and assist you in designing products and promotional activities.

8. Adopt New Channels:

A decade ago, we knew only a few social media channels. Most of these sites have got overused and very competitive. But today, new social media sites keep emerging out of nowhere, creating untapped opportunities.

Be the first one to enter such online spaces with the help of ONPASSIVE’s AI-driven database that keeps a check on new mediums that are preferred by today’s millennials. Thus, your business could perform well without much competition and could also dominate the space as a monopoly if you join on time.

9. Design and Publish Contents:

ONPASSIVE’s AI-driven content management system could play a vital role in the field of content planning and designing. It helps to streamline processes during high content overload.

This tool analyzes user data and helps marketers make sense of user intent. It identifies the best performing keyword that matches the customer’s buying stage and designs content to deliver better results. It also analyses which platform works best for your promotions and auto-publishes content accordingly.

10. Brand Personification:

Most of the companies do not understand the importance of personifying their brands to give them a feel of a person, thing, or creature. It means customers should relate every post and comment in the online community with the personified brand image.

ONPASSIVE helps you choose your brand image from the in-house creative store and allows you to give it a tone of your brand. It helps in establishing a connection between your brand and the customers out there.

11. Identify Influencers:

The AI-driven tools, when installed into the promotions department, analyze existing data to suggest the best way to promote your brand. At the same time, these tools also scan social media channels to identify influencers who could promote your products with their followers, who could be your most relevant audience.

12. Remain Competitive:

The intelligence developed by the company does competitive analysis on your behalf. It compares and suggests price and product feature changes accordingly. It also keeps an eye on competitors’ promotional and advertisement activities and modifies your business strategies based on competitors’ data.

13. Develop Relationships:

The AI scans every existing channel to identify and connect with like-minded people for building relationships. The benefits of building such relationships are entirely focused on business requirements. Relationships last longer, and so do business promotions and brand advocacy. Such relationships help you in different stages of brand awareness and growth phases.

14. Create Community:

ONPASSIVE provides you a platform where you could build your team and community for achieving long-term goals. The community members are compassionate and self-motivated to provide support, guidance, and innovative ideas at any point in time.

15. Define Targets and Create Buyer Personas:

With the help of AI, business owners could segregate the audience into multiple buckets and create buyer personas based on their purchase funnel. It helps in defining target audiences for respective promotional activities at different stages of the growth cycle.

16. Automate Entire Business Operations:

With the help of ONPASSIVE’s Ecosystem, your overall online business activities get automated and synchronized. With high efficiency and streamlined operations, your business delivers quality along with the quantity to meet market needs. No human interference ensures no human errors.

So, here comes the end of this article, where we explained 16 ways of using ONPASSIVE for a strong online presence of your online business. You just think of any business opportunity, and the company will help you out by customizing tools accordingly to automate involved processes. Make sure you take your call as soon as possible to become a founder of the company so that you stay ahead in the race. All the best!!!