SMS Strategy

While operating in today’s digital age, businesses are presented with countless options to reach their target audience. Businesses employ various marketing strategies to connect and build a relationship with their potential customers. Moreover, with a widespread network of mobile devices, almost every marketing strategy is made accessible on mobile phones. 

There are several ways to connect with users via mobile devices and an SMS strategy is equally effective. It facilitates forwarding promotional text messages in SMS (short messages services) to users to engage them better. SMS strategy benefits are vast if planned correctly.

Following are the ways in which you can enhance the value of your SMS strategy and thereby convert visitors into customers.

1. Ask users for Signup

While implementing an SMS strategy, you should not shy away from asking users to sign up. You have to take proactive steps to build your lead lists. Create multiple signup forms and include them on your website. Initiate various campaigns to serve different audience segments better. 

Offer incentives to your new subscribers for signups through SMS. You can generate personalized messages to grab their attention. 

For instance, when someone purchases a product without signing up, you can straightaway ask him or her to provide with his or her phone number on your thank you page. You can offer a gift or a voucher when user sign up immediately after completing their order. 

The incentive you choose to offer depends upon your budget, industry and target audience. Come up with ideas on how you will reward your visitors for subscribing to SMS notifications.

2. Implement FOMO marketing 

FOMO, or fear of missing out, is one of the most effective marketing gimmicks that drive improved customer engagement. It has been reported that almost 60% of shoppers make a purchase due to FOMO, that too within 24 hours!

Thus, implement FOMO marketing to encourage new subscribers to further engage them with your brand. 

FOMO happens when a user sees an offer, which is available only to a limited number of people or for a limited time. Situations like these enable users to make impulse purchases, as with FOMO, they don’t want to miss the exciting deal. 

You can integrate FOMO marketing into your SMS marketing. For example, you can forward offers, which are time-bound through messages to your SMS customers. When your offer has limited-time sales, users eventually feel the urge to click-through and get the offer while they can. 

You can also implement this strategy to get customers to register for upcoming events. When you mention only 100 spots available in your SMS messages, users are bound to take action and register for the event. As 98% of SMS have a chance to be opened, you are more likely to engage customers with FOMO.

3. Share links of your best content

The effective way to drive engagement through SMS marketing is to share links of your best content through text messages to your SMS subscribers. 

Generating top-notch content will not only help to engage users but also convert them into customers. You can generate content through blog posts or videos. 

It has been seen that about 47% of consumers read at least three business blog posts before making a purchase. Thus, produce high-quality content through blogs, post them on your business website and share its link with SMS. 

You can also consider producing videos as video content have higher receptivity. Around 43% of users prefer videos than written content from businesses. Thus, convert your written posts into videos and share them with your subscribers. 

A blog post or a video, whatever you share, you should give users a reason to click through. For that, you need to frame engaging text messages. For example, you can share a blog post on email marketing with a message that reads, “Want to know how businesses are doubling their leads? Click the link below Now!”


While SMS marketing is proven an effective medium of customer engagement, you must develop a strategy that helps you navigate through the process successfully. Focus on your target audience and produce personalized text message campaigns to incite visitors to click through and become your customers. Now get ready with an effective SMS marketing strategy to maximize all your marketing efforts.