We all know that Artificial Intelligence have also merged with E-commerce and became more useful for the end-users. AI is being used everywhere, from self-checkout, cash registers to advanced security checks at the airports etc.

In collaboration with Google & Microsoft, AI will dive into the turbo-drive mode in the coming decade. Other major tech firms such as Facebook, IBM and many other e-commerce business runners are already using different forms of AI to understand their customers better, generate new leads and provide an enhanced customer experience.

Here is a quick look at how AI is used in e-Commerce

1. Creates customer-centric search: AI helps a lot in increasing sales and marketing. AI centered tools offer white-space analysis for sales and can recommend immediate action on opportunities. Solutions that are powered by AI help organizations to create highly personalized messages. Businesses experience a competitive edge using AI. Developers or businesses of any size or budget can avail its advantages.

2. Retargets potential customers: As per Conversica, the maximum sales team do not follow 33% of marketing data. Furthermore, many businesses are overloaded with unmanageable customer data that they do little or nothing with. This is an incredible goldmine of intelligence that could be used to enhance the sales cycle. It is as if businesses are reading the minds of customers, all thanks to the data used with A-I.

3. Identifies exceptional target prospects: New A-I technology arms e-commerce businesses with the timely intelligence required to solve their business challenges such as lead generation. Predictive marketing businesses such as Mintigo, provide A-I solutions for marketing, sales and CRM systems that can even multitask to handle all these functions and can do more things that is unimaginable.

4. Creates a more efficient sales process: Customer’s lives are now heavily influenced by social media and have moved on from the days of old sales techniques such as picking up the trusty Yellow Pages and pestering potential clients through cold-calling. If you want the best problem-solving solutions and create a strong sales message that reaches consumers at the right time on the right platform, integrate AI into your CRM.

5. Provides a personal touch with chatbots: For consumers, there is a multitude of touchpoints that influence and generate a purchase. Many e-commerce retailers are already becoming more sophisticated with their AI capabilities in capturing attention. One approach that is widely developing is known as ‘conversational commerce’ which is the confluence of visual, vocal, written and predictive capabilities along with integrating a chatbot system into a shopping cart.

Hence to conclude, artificial Intelligence in E-Commerce will impact transactions, customer retention, satisfaction, efficiency and many more. A-I is changing the process of buying & selling online.