I just left the leadership council page. And marina wrote her thoughts on the 26 life principles. Go read it, it is worth the information.

I am here for close to 2 1/2 years. Watching and listening to ash and all the webinars that give us so much information. It is overwhelming how much we have grown and what we have to offer.

Sure, I can’t wait for us to launch…but on this journey I have made friends, and got people involved, even though I thought I could not. I listen to ash and close my computer and put my head on my pillow and sometimes I can’t go to sleep. I think about how our future is going to be and my mind has a hard time slowing down. 

I have two siblings that are not well. And over the years I have been so frightened how I can help them. 

Not anymore. And those of us that can put our heads on our pillows as we go to sleep, smiling and having gratitude that someone told us about ONPASSIVE, are lucky and we know it.

And we know it will change our lives, our families live, and lives of people we don’t know.

Happy new year to all of us. And god bless ash and his family and all the employees that are making this possible. I spend a lot of time thinking about the two charities I know I will help. damn, my family that I will help.

We are in an amazing community. And we all deserve this. 

And watch out world…. Cause here we come and you will open your eyes to a new concept in what a business can be…what a CEO can be. We are here.

Love you all and can’t wait to meet you and look in your eyes and smile.

Ash…can’t imagine how it must feel to have so many people love you.