We Are All Blessed To Be Part of ONPASSIVE Company


My dear founder’s friends, my dreams have come true in making my own kind of videos for ONPASSIVE; never in my life have I enjoyed what I am doing now. It’s in my heart and runs through my bloodstream. Every morning, I woke up and asked myself what I could do to bring enjoyment and lift up founders with something. I hope you all really check my videos out on my channel. I do it from only what I know, LOVE. GOD has blessed me as a founder in the greatest company, and to know my loving Brother Ash Mufareh, just creating a video and putting Ashes photo in it makes me cry. We are all blessed to be part of this company; enjoy every moment.

Bill Must – United States

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  • Angela Nycz Angela Nycz

    I absolutely love what you’re doing for us FOUNDERS Dear Bill! And like I said before, you are a God-Send! I’m somewhat shy but I can write words from my heart! You helped me many of times, sharing my gratitude, to be in this wonderful company known as ONPASSIVE, to the world! And I thank you for that! Can’t wait till we meet someday 😍

    3 weeks ago | 21 March, 2021 12:37 am Reply

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