Nigel Bowmer

Good evening everyone with ONPASSIVE. Yesterday at 11:18 AM, we had 106160 GoFounders signed up. Today at 8:36 PM, we have over 107857 GoFounders, i.e., 1697 new GoFounders that have signed up with just over 32 hours. That is 53 people coming into ONPASSIVE an hour. This is fantastic growth, and when the marketing kicks like this, it is going to skyrocket to the moon and back. We are all going to be successful. This is one of the greatest programs I have ever seen on the internet today. We are going to be the next Facebook success company in the 21st Century. We are going to surpass everyone and be the most successful company in the market. God Bless Ash and his associates, and God bless us and all, the many blessings that will be spread upon us all. Keep growing everyone.

Source : GoFounders Community