ONPASSIVE business solutions

Technology has been changing your life very quietly for some time, and it has been profoundly affecting how you do your business. But most organizations aren’t aware of how extensively it’s being practiced at their workplace.

ONPASSIVE for business is here to change the world quicker than any other technology has achieved up to this point. If you consider it as your business partner, you can actually transform every department of your business upside down, eliminating inefficiency, optimizing operations, and saving a lot of money.

So, let’s look at how ONPASSIVE business solutions can help you in building a better tomorrow for your business.

Customer Service:

People nowadays don’t want to converse with an unintelligent machine, pressing buttons, waiting on the line, being transferred numerous times before they reach the specialist they need.

Chatbots are the answer

ONPASSIVE business solutions use a merger of behavioral science and machine learning to analyze voice calls and improve customer communications based on that data. Our AI-driven chatbots allow you to read and analyze customer data from the initial touchpoint and implement smart insights on how to assist your customers efficiently.


Our security software tools will include prescriptive and predictive analytics based on artificial intelligence capabilities or machine learning algorithms. ONPASSIVE business solutions platform offers cybersecurity tools that not only detect the execution of advanced persistent threats and malware but also proactively prevent them from putting your business at risk. Our cloud platform and machine learning solution will maintain databases of information they collect, such as customer info or sales transactions, apps, relational databases, and other sources.

Business Management:

From scheduling team meetings and conferences to decision-making support and programming business trips, ONPASSIVE can help you all necessary business management activities. Our dashboard gathers information to help you make the right decisions and also does predictive analytics and data-based insights for your business.

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Human Resources:

Your HR representatives understand just how tiresome and complicated the process of recruiting, interviewing, and onboarding can be. So, it’s clear why the HR department will be inspired by the idea of applying ONPASSIVE to their department’s work. Our tools are designed to automate the tasks of finding matches, screening applications, reaching out to suitable candidates, and scheduling interviews to considerably reduce the effort involved in bringing an excellent potential candidate into the office.


We’re left with one of the essential categories for the future of your business: sales and marketing. Until recently, we didn’t realize that AI is going to revolutionize your sales and marketing departments, even though both of them have been migrating over to digital at pace.

ONPASSIVE for business applies Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to online advertising to search the most suitable audience or demographic group for any ad.

Managing budgets automatically across diverse audiences on multiple platforms (such as Google Adwords and Facebook Ads) and optimizing every single ad multiple times each day. If you are looking for a business solution to automate your business and run it smoothly, then ONPASSIVE for business is your answer. 

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