We are Lucky to have a Visionary Leader/ CEO like Mr. Ash Mufareh

Ray Asper

Have you heard? … Timing Is Everything!

Consider… The world is living through the COVID 19 pandemic. Many people are without jobs due to the pandemic. The stock market is uncertain and quite speculative.

“Make money” offers to abound on the Internet, mostly with little to no results. Offers come through the mail, promising fortunes.

Precious metals and selective collectibles increase in value, but most folks don’t have the surplus funds to purchase them. What on earth is a person supposed to do in this scenario?

But, of course … join GoFounders/ONPASSIVE!! 

Never in my lifetime (and that’s a pretty long time) have I ever seen a more timely solution to most peoples’ and businesses’ problems than we are witnessing right now with the introduction of ONPASSIVE.

I recently posted a comment about “The Best Kept Secret of the Rich”,… which was a summary of the importance of one word — leverage — as a tool for growing wealth.

But I need to add “timing” to that since it goes hand in hand with “leverage” when you’re building wealth.

As I stated in that earlier post, what better way to “simply and surely use leverage for building wealth than to join GoFounders/ONPASSIVE?”

There is no better way!

And to give you a great example of why this is so, I just finished reading a forecast of what may happen to some well-known tech companies that are far overvalued.

This is prognostication by Jeff Brown, popularly known as America’s most accurate technology investor.

Mr. Brown uses a simple metric, among others, to look at individual stocks.

It basically compares the price of a stock to the sales that the company generates … or, in other words, the “price to sales” ratio.

In this presentation, Mr. Brown used Zoom as a prime example of what might be ahead. (Yes, that web conferencing platform we use every week now.)

For comparison, he used Amazon’s price to sales ratio, which is roughly 5. (That means investors believe Amazon is worth 5 years of sales.) And Microsoft is 11.

Now comes Zoom’s Turn. Sitting down? Zoom comes in at 88! So, Amazon’s at 5 … and Zoom’s almost at 100! WOWZER!!

Think Zoom is 20 times more valuable than Amazon on a valuation basis? … Not!

Jeff Brown believes the Zoom stock price would need to “get chopped down by over 90% before I would consider recommending it to my subscribers.”

YIKES! And this is just one of many tech companies that he sees as way overvalued.

The bottom line to this lengthy post is recognizing just how fortunate we are to have a company, ONPASSIVE, that is NOT issuing stock and forcing us onto a shaky roller coaster ride like other tech companies.

Yet, we all share in the daily profits of this coming Super Unicorn.

Lastly, and back to the subject of this post … timing … aren’t we lucky to have a visionary leader/CEO like Mr. Ash Mufareh who makes it possible for us to capture the marketplace of Zoom with our own and better “zoom” known as “Connect Me”?

Talk about timing!

WOWZER again!

Timing Is Everything!

Ray Asper

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  • Ty Young Ty Young

    Just another reason to join and share Onpassive with loved ones.

    7 months ago | 6 September, 2020 2:48 am Reply
  • Sunny Malex Sunny Malex

    Thank you for this article Mr Ray Asper.. It inspires me allover again.. Be blessed sir. We are all in it to win together..

    7 months ago | 6 September, 2020 12:20 am Reply
  • Avatar Megan Nadine Finn

    I agree with you Ray, we are so fortunate to have such a Leader as Mr. Ash Mufareh!
    Not only did he have a vision for such a time as this, but he also had the drive and persistence
    to bring it about.
    Thank you, Mr. Mufareh!
    Yes, many people will lose their jobs permanently, due to the pandemic.
    Almost all industries have been negatively impacted.
    Thank goodness we have Gofounders/Onpassive!

    7 months ago | 5 September, 2020 8:28 pm Reply
  • Avatar Steve

    Thank you.

    7 months ago | 5 September, 2020 5:38 pm Reply
  • Patricio Rivers Patricio Rivers

    Very good information in order to be able to make a sound choice.

    7 months ago | 5 September, 2020 4:57 pm Reply
  • Avatar Donald McConnaughy

    I agree with your assessment Ray but especially with the “timing” aspect of OnPassive. As you alluded to in your post, the Covid-19 pandemic has had a crushing effect on many economies around the world with massive lay-offs and lock downs becoming the new “norms”. People from all walks of life are desperately searching for ways to support themselves and/or families from virtual locations, namely their own homesteads. OnPassive is the PERFECT solution to what they seek. Ash Mufareh has created a massive global game-changer in the IT/AI fields that will take the world by storm and change the internet forever going forward. Peoples lives will never be the same as prosperity will be the new “norms”. I cannot help but sense that Ash has been divinely inspired and that the God of creation holds him in His loving arms as His will be done on Earth.

    7 months ago | 5 September, 2020 1:09 pm Reply

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